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Glitter Background

Animated glitter fills are one of many types of decorations that people use for their social networking and personal websites. These have included such services as MySpace, Facebook and many more. People who are heavily involved with social networking sites can use numerous glitter fills in a single profile. This is because there are multiple types of these designs, as well as hundreds upon thousands of each different type. New glitter fills are created daily which allows for a never-ending supply for an avid user to choose from.


One of the ways that a site can be livened up is using animated glitter fills. These backgrounds are available in any color, as designers can custom-make colors using software programs such as Photoshop. The glitter adds sparkle to almost any image or page. This can be arranged in several different patterns. Some of the backgrounds are merely a basic color with glitter seemingly sprinkled onto the screen. This is normally a symmetric pattern in which every piece of glitter is an equal distance from the others. Other backgrounds may have actual designs created out of glitter like hearts, flowers, or butterflies.

To download the glitter fills right click on the image and choose 'Save as' from the menu that pops up.

blue glitter fill
gold glitter fill
green glitter fill
peach glitter fill
pink glitter fill
purple glitter fill
red glitter fill
silver glitter fill
turquoise glitter fill
sparkly blue glitter fill
sparkly gold glitter fill
sparkly green glitter fill
sparkly peach glitter fill
sparkly pink glitter fill
sparkly purple glitter fill
sparkly red glitter fill
sparkly silver glitter fill
sparkly turquoise glitter fill

Avatars and Icons

Avatars involve any picture that is used to represent the person posting on forums or social networking sites. Most animated glitter fills are for places like MySpace because of the flexibility in design that is allowed there. These show off all of the sparkle with lots of movement to produce the animated look. Sometimes the character or picture itself will dance or move. Other times the glitter will be the only movement on the avatar or icon. It is not uncommon for avatars to be displayed on a glitter background, particularly when referring to young women and girls.

Comments and Daily Stuff

This is the most often used type of animated glitter fills. They are posted daily and even hourly on people's social network sites. They are used to simply say Good Morning or Good Night. There are comments for Happy Wednesday or Happy Birthday. These are all created with animated glitter. Creativity and style come together to express a simple Hello.

Where to Get Them

There are a plethora of websites online that offer glitter fills, fonts, and backgrounds. Most of them provide free access as long as their website name is listed at the bottom. There are entire websites devoted to angels or some other such thing, while there are others devoted to skulls and gothic type anime'. Doing a simple online search will allow for each individual person to find exactly what they are looking for. If there is something more specific that you need or you want something other than just a glitter website logo, then you can pay for a background, avatar, or icon to be created.

The good news is that no one has to be a computer programming wizard to input these animated glitter fillers onto a website. All of these comments and icons come complete with their own HTML code. Which means that the user simply has to find the code located near the item they want to input into their site. The user will then copy the code using their mouse. Once they are on the page that they want to put the comment, background or icon onto, it is simply a matter of a few clicks and then pasting the code into place. The code must match exactly or it won't work correctly, so it is important that when the user clicks on the complete code before clicking the paste button.

Sparkly, moving glitter is something that appeals to a great deal of people according to the popularity of the sites creating animated glitter fill. There is nothing more obviously created to exude ones personality and made to put a smile on people's faces when they see these animations on their social networking page. These have also become the rage for iPhones as well. There is constantly new technology in which this type of 'decoration' can be utilized. That is the great thing for the companies that create such artwork. Imagination is the only limit.

Download and create your own animated artwork at the following websites for free:

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Animated Glitter Fills