Boutique Website Templates

Ryan Dube
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Web savvy shop owners can create their own unique websites using boutique website templates.

Why Use Boutique Website Templates?

A boutique is a small business, usually a retail shop, which specializes in unique products or services. Boutiques are unlike other retail stores in that they typically cater to a select clientele that have very specific tastes for those specific products. Boutiques usually offer a much higher level of personalized service and a quality of merchandise that is usually far above standard retail stores. For these reasons, boutiques have very unique demands and needs when it comes to their website.

What Makes a Boutique Website Different?

Boutiques are usually owned by people who have learned everything there is to know about a particular class of products. For example, a baby boutique offers the public high quality and unique products specifically targeting the infant market. Another example is a vintage doll boutique that provides a large variety of antique dolls from every decade. Each boutique has a special line of products, and often these products are one-of-a-kind. Because of these special characteristics, the website needs of boutiques are very specific.

Boutique website templates need to offer:

  • The ability to do offer products worldwide through the website
  • Payment processing functionality through the website
  • A website with a special design that reflects the personality and brand of the boutique
  • A website template that offers interactive customer support for clientele
  • A website template that is exclusive and one-of-a-kind

Reviews of Boutique Template Designers

When it comes to choosing a boutique template design for your boutique, there is an abundance of choices online. Six of these designers, offering boutique website templates, are listed below. The steps a boutique owner must follow before purchasing boutique website templates includes:

  1. Register a domain name for your business.
  2. Sign up with a web host, but make sure to review the list of web hosts that the designer prefers. Most designers list their preferred web hosts on their web page.
  3. Once you've purchased your domain and web hosting account, you're ready to buy a template.

Boutique Mama provides three classes of templates, including limited edition, budget designs, and exclusive designs. The business describes its template designs as chic, sophisticated, playful and yet professional. Boutique Mama requires customers to have a "Mal's Shopping Cart" installed and configured. Once your host is ready, you purchase a pre-made design from BoutiqueMama. Boutique Mama installs your design on the web host for you, and also integrates your business name and slogan into the design. Limited editions average $49.99, budget designs for $24.99 to $34.99, and exclusive designs (where you are the sole owner of the design) for $249.99 and up.

Mad Melon is a web template designer that focuses on a particular style. Mad Melon's theme follows a common color scheme centered on chocolate and pastel colors built with a 1960's "flower power" theme. These templates are priced starting around $69.99 for unlimited designs, and 74.99 for limited designs.

Boutique Web Design is a web design company run by two graphic designers who each have industry experience in the field. The welcoming and artistic look of their website reflects this. This company provides primarily custom template design for boutique websites. Services include logo design, brochure and catalog design, internet marketing services, and a number of other services that many other design companies do not offer. Prices range from $200 for a custom template up to $1000 for a full e-commerce website design. Boutiques can also purchase web hosting and shopping cart solutions through Boutique Web Design as well.

2 Girl Designs 2 Girl Designs focuses on the tastes of female clientele. Dedicated to woman owners of boutiques across the world, 2 Girls Design provides what they describe as "stylish designs with a girlie flair." 2 Girl Designs creates customized websites for boutiques including eCommerce websites and online storefront functionality. They also offer customized Ezines and brochure design. A nice feature at 2 Girl designs is that they provide a number of free website templates so that you can decide if you like their style. They do not provide prices on their website, instead you must submit a request through their online quote form.

Simply Creative is a very creative web design company with the ability to create impressive and intricate designs for a customized boutique web page. Simply Creative develops complete customized websites for the boutique customer, and includes services such as search engine optimization (SEO), shopping blogs, printing services, web hosting and many other services. However for this level of design and support, the price tag reflects it. The cost for just a "website makeover" starts at $2,000. A full E-commerce website costs $3000 and up.

Choosing a Designer for Boutique Website Templates

Choosing a good design company for your boutique website can feel overwhelming. However there are so many choices only because there is such a wide range of functionality a website can have. The more interactive and functional, including items such as website shopping and a shopping cart, will obviously add to the price. When you are choosing a design company, first determine what functionality you want, what information you want to include on your website, and how many pages you expect to have. Once you have a rough idea what you are looking for, take a look at each website and determine which of those designers especially excel with the aspects of your website that you desire the most. Some designers have excellent e-Commerce programming, while others excel especially with graphic design. Finally, once you have a short list of the designers who you believe can do the job, compare prices and make your final selection.

Boutique Website Templates