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Using FM Studio and other FileMaker web tools allows individuals to create websites driven by FileMaker without having to learn web programming.

What Is FM Studio?

FM Studio is an extension designed to be used with Dreamweaver. It enables website owners to connect FileMaker to their Dreamweaver sites, allowing them to view real time FileMaker data via the Internet. FM Studio allows individuals with Dreamweaver-based sites to create powerful e-business applications without having to know anything at all about PHP coding. Built on the .NET platform, this application is both scalable and robust, and works with a variety of standard database systems, including Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase.

Working With FM Studio

You don't have to be a skilled web developer to use FM Studio. You'll simply use drag and drop to place fields from your FileMaker applications directly into the work area for Dreamweaver. You don't have to do any coding when working with FM Studio. The connection between the two applications is live, which allows you to see how the pages are going to look when populated with data as you are creating them.

Benefits of Using FM Studio

FM Studio allows you to utilize your website to fully manage your business process. With this enterprise application, you're able to access and utilize information stored in your organization's FileMaker system via your website. Depending on which information you choose to link to your site, you'll be able to quickly find out business critical information, such as space allocation, personnel scheduling, HR data, finance reports and more.

FM Studio includes hundreds of reports and data editors, and you can also use the Publishing Wizard to create customized versions for your specific needs. Reports generated through this application are updated in real time, allowing for current summary data access at all times.

Using FM Studio

To link your Dreamweaver website to FileMaker with FM Studio, you will need to have and use the FileMaker Pro as your database system. You can download a 30 day free trial of FileMaker Pro. FM Web School offers a series of webinars and training modules that provide instruction on how to use FM Studio. The organization also offers Dreamweaver training videos.

Other FileMaker Web Tools

FileMaker Technical Network

Many FileMaker designers and developers and users find it beneficial to join the FileMaker Community. This organization offers info those who use and want to learn more about the application. Participants will have access to an exclusive online forum, which allows for networking with others who share their interest in FileMaker. Membership is less than $100 per year, and members receive numerous benefits including a development license of FileMaker Server Advanced, along with a variety of FileMaker applications and enhancement tools. Additionally, participants are provided with access to a variety of articles, white papers and other FileMaker web tools designed to make them more knowledgeable and proficient with the application.


Developers who utilize the Lasso programming language can now connect directly to FileMaker. Lassosoft Professional 8.5 has been updated to allow for direct connection to FileMaker databases through FileMaker Server. Lasso 8.5 is available to developers free. This language has been described as the "next generation" for creating data-driven web applications.

Using Web Tools for FileMaker

If you are an experienced programmer, you might want to utilize Lasso or other developer tools to tie your website to your company's critical information. Alternately, by using FM Studio you can integrate FileMaker with your company's website without having to write even a single line of code. Utilizing FileMaker web tools can help you take full advantage of real-time, web based access to your company's business critical data.

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FileMaker Web Tools