Flash Drop-down Menu Tutorial

Drop-down Menu Tutorial

With the help available through flash drop-down menu tutorials, it's easier than ever to create a more flexible and interactive website.

Customize Your Flash Drop-down Menu

You've heard about the importance of first impressions. When a web savvy user visits your website, they form a first impression. It happens in a matter of 1/20th of a second. Opinions are formed in the blink of an eye. The guest visiting your site makes an instantaneous judgment based on visual appeal.

Adding innovative flash components to your website not only provides a professional quality of interactivity but it also adds elements of versatility and appeal. In the case of a drop-down menu, this versatility opens the door for tweaking the appearance of your menu to customize its look to compliment your web page. These changes can include things like:

  • Font size
  • Menu button size
  • Color of rollover keys
  • Color of buttons
  • Speed at which the menu drop down

Flash Drop-down Menu Compatibility

When creating your unique flash drop-down menu, remember that whatever features you incorporate must be easy to use. It is best to create a menu compatible with other components related to flash applications such as:

  • Adobe Flash CS3
  • Action Script
  • Flash Player 7
  • Flash Player 8
  • Flash Player 9 +
  • Macromedia Flash 8
  • Macromedia MX 2004

Choosing a Flash Drop-down Menu Tutorial

There are a number of flash drop-down menu tutorials on the market today that require various levels of expertise with Flash. The following resources will help you to find the tutorial that's right for you.

Drop Down Menu by Toxiclab

This tutorial by Toxic: Lab starts by teaching you the basics for creating an uncomplicated drop down menu. Instructions include how to:

  • Design you drop-down menu
  • Apply action script code
  • Create invisible buttons

Flash Tutorials - Drop Down Menu Tutorial

New Tutorials.com provides a detailed tutorial for creating flash drop-down menus in Flash MX. This one requires moderate to advanced knowledge of Flash for converting graphics to Symbols and things like this.

Advance Drop Down Menu

Flash Game Design's flash tutorial can help advanced users create a drop-down menu with Actionscript. If you don't have the know-how for this particular tutorial, they also offer help for creating a basic drop down menu. One of the benefits of using this tutorial is that it enables you to easily add or delete menu buttons.

Creating Drop Down Menus

Kirupa.com provides easy to follow instructions for creating drop-down menus. This tutorial only requires basic Flash knowledge.

Flash Drop-down Menu Tutorial