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3D Backgrounds for Web Pages

Ryan Dube
3d Rendered Image

Many people who want to want a very unique or interesting background often make use of creative and stylish 3D backgrounds for web pages. Read on to learn more about this style, and how to use it to enhance the look of your own website.

About 3D Backgrounds for Web Pages?

The world of 3D graphics is a hobby and a passion for many people. While 2D images are the standard images you typically find on most websites in the form of icons, banners, or backgrounds, 3D graphic technologies and artistry continues to expand and grow. More digital artists are learning the art of rendering three-dimensional imagery and textures that enhance scenery and objects in all three dimensions. This means that not graphics are not only created taking two coordinates (height and width) into account, but also distance. The distance of each component of an image is enhanced with lighting, shading, and texture. The end result is an amazing three dimensional image that provides a much more realistic view of an object or a location.

3D Used in Backgrounds

While 3D graphics technology is extremely useful in the world of video games and digital art, the value of 3D isn't quite as apparent when it comes to using it as a web page background. However, when you view these backgrounds, it quickly becomes apparent why the stunning beauty of these images would add a great deal to any web page. The one thing that's important to keep in mind is the fact that most web designers recommend the use of soft, non-bold images or patterns as a web page background. Since most 3D background graphics are very bold, a common technique designers use is to overlay another background above the 3d background. While this covers a majority of the 3D image with a more simple and plain background box, enough of the imagery borders that box so that the aesthetic quality of the web page is remarkable. Combining bold 3D imagery with a simple background for text is always a winning combination.

Where to Find 3D Backgrounds

Because rendering 3D images is such a popular digital art form, there are plenty of sites throughout the internet that provide amazing textures and images as backgrounds that can be used on a website or as a PC desktop wallpaper. The following sites offer some of the most remarkable 3D backgrounds on the Internet.

  • Digital Blasphemy is an amazing website with more than 600 3D background images available to members. The artistry of these graphics is simply astonishing. While the member gallery has a fee, the artist offers a free sample of 20 3D backgrounds. Some of the most amazing designs here include Tropical Moon, Crucible, and Summerwood.
  • 123 backgrounds provides a great service to the MySpace community by providing an archive of interesting, cute, and sometimes wacky 3D backgrounds that MySpace members love. Some of the best include the bookworm, a little blue angel, and a whole variety of fascinating animated backgrounds.
  • RenderGold provides a very wide assortment of fascinating 3D patterns. There are about ten pages of these impressive and artistic patterns including knots, rosetes, and stars. Rendergold also provides 3D borders and buttons.

How to Create 3D Backgrounds

Another approach to using 3D backgrounds on your website is to generate the imagery yourself. There are a variety of tools and methods you can use to create these images, and the only limitation is your own imagination. The following sites provide information and tutorials on how to create your own 3D background images.

  • Emmett Lollis provides a tutorial for you to learn how to use Photoshop's special tools, including filters, layers, and blending, to easily create abstract 3D art.
  • PSLover is a very useful website that offers a variety of tutorials on creating 3D imagery, including how to create text effects, reflected spheres, grids, sheets, metallic texts, and of course wallpapers. For anyone interested in digital art, this site is an excellent resource.
  • This Metacafe video provides a visual tutorial on how to create a great background using the 3D Studio Max software.
  • TutorialMan also provides a comprehensive list of tutorials for creating 3D images with Photoshop, including abstract backgrounds, animation, grunge styles, pipe styles, and more.

Final Words

3D backgrounds are not always easy to use. Most web designers avoid them only because standard web design etiquette recommends against using backgrounds that are too distracting for visitors. However, used professionally and tastefully, these stunning background designs would add a great deal of beauty and atmosphere to any web page.

3D Backgrounds for Web Pages