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5 Ways Websites Can Help You Organize Your Life

Ryan Dube
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Once you are finished reading through this list of the five ways websites organize your life, you're going to want to start making the most of the Internet right away.

Five Ways to Get Organized Using Websites

Even if you aren't a computer programmer, these days it is possible for anyone to have their own website. Some people don't even realize they need a website until they experience what it's like to have their very own. You can use a site for many different purposes. It can help you organize household chores, create and manage a family budget, keep in touch with family and friends and much more. Best of all, no matter what your needs are, the odds are good that there's a free solution available online. The following are the five most popular ways people make use of the Internet to organize their lives and make the day just a little bit easier to manage.

#1 - Remember Appointments With an Online Calendar and Planner

If you're the kind of person that tends to forget birthdays, anniversaries and other special events, an online calendar website would make a significant improvement in your life. Online calendars remove the need to remember anything. All you have to do is add the special dates to your calendar, set up alerts, and you'll never have to remember anything ever again. The following websites offer calendar systems that are completely free, and you can even share them out to a limited number of people or to the entire public, depending on what you want to use your calendar website for.

  • Google Calendar is the most popular website for hosting your own personal calendar. You can have your own personal calendar with email alerts, or you can make your calendar into a website where you can post events for others to see.
  • 30 Boxes is a calendar system that, like Google, lets you choose between a private calendar or a public scheduling website. The beauty of 30 Boxes is that it's so easy to use, and of course it's absolutely free.
  • Yahoo Calendar is an excellent option to host your own online calendar, especially if you already have a Yahoo email account.

#2 - Organize Chores and Schedule Work With a To-Do List

Sometimes, when you're trying to juggle family life and work, all you really need is a simple list of things that you have to get done. When you don't need an entire calendar and prefer working with "to-do" lists, there are some wonderful solutions to have your own to-do website. With your own to-do website, you'll always remember the next parent-teach meeting or the next doctor appointment.

  • ReddyNote lets you create to-do lists and categorize them into groups so that you can organize entire projects into to-do lists. Best of all, you can have your own to-do list website that others can see. What better way to organize family chores into to-do lists organized by both children and parents?
  • Jott is a wonderful to-do list, and very popular among mobile users because you can easily access it with your cell phone.
  • Toodledo is an amazing to-do list build especially for perfectionists. It lets you not only carefully plan out tasks, but you can even include priorities, time estimates and goals.

#3 - Share Your Family News With a Private Blog

Of course, one of the best ways to have your own website without any programming knowledge is having your own blog. Blogging platforms let you type up your web page updates using a very simple "content management system" that feels just like typing in a word processor. Using a blog, you can share your news, thoughts and travels with friends and family around the world. The most popular free blog platforms that you could use to create your own website include Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal and Weebly.

#4 - Get Your Finances in Order With an Online Budget

The engine of every household is the budget. You don't need a million dollars to have a happy home, but you do need a balanced budget if you want food on the table and a roof over your head. Online budget websites give you the ability to create a system that everyone in the family can use to understand how the family both earns and spends money. If you ever feel like there are times when you don't have enough money to pay all of the bills, sometimes all you need is a budget that shows you where money is being wasted. The most popular family budget websites today include Mint, PearBudget, BudgetPulse and JustBudget.

#5 - Store and Share Photos with an Online Photo Album

One of the most common reasons families like to use the Internet is to share family photos of children, travels and more. Grandparents like to see pictures of grandchildren and entire families share trips and major family events with everyone they know. A free photo website is one of the fastest and easiest ways to share these photos. The most popular places where you can have your own free photo sharing website includes Photobucket, Flickr, Picasa and Shutterfly.

Final Words

If you like any of the ideas listed above, don't be afraid to sign up for a free account and try one or more of these sites. You may be surprised how much more efficient you can be when you take advantage of the Internet to organize your life!

5 Ways Websites Can Help You Organize Your Life