7 Important Reasons to Create a Wedding Website

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There at least 7 important reasons to create a wedding website if you're engaged to be married. Learn how a website dedicated to your upcoming nuptials can make your wedding and your life easier.

Top 7 Important Reasons to Create a Wedding Website

There's no better time to set up a website for a special event. What could be more extraordinary than a wedding? Online tools and templates make it especially easy to start your own Internet wedding center for your friends and family to enjoy. Here are 7 important reasons to create a wedding website.

Seven: Ease and Cost

Thanks to the plethora of free web hosting companies, you can easily create your own website at absolutely no cost. Here is a small sampling of free website hosting companies.

These are free websites that are created especially for weddings:

  • eWedding offers a wealth of features and ready to edit templates designed just for weddings.
  • OneWed allows the couple to plan their wedding online right down to the tiniest detail.
  • My Wedding provides lovely premade templates in elegant, formal designs that will compliment the décor of your ceremony.

These free hosting companies allow you to choose only the elements you want, or you can go for a fully customized site that you design yourself.

  • Weebly gives users an easy drag and drop interface and works well for amateurs or experienced web designers.
  • Wet Paint is the latest thing in community interaction with many capabilities and a sleek appearance. It's perfect for planning and discussing events with the wedding party.

Six: Event Planning

Planning a wedding isn't easy, but a wedding website can ease the burden. Set up electronic invitations and RSVPs, track your guests, or even allow them to choose their entree. With a little help from your wedding party, planning all your wedding related events online can be a breeze.

Five: Gift Registry

Many couples choose to register for gifts with more than one retailer, which sometimes makes it a confusing process for everyone. A wedding website keeps the gift registry simple and easy for guests to select a wedding gift that the bride and groom will appreciate.

Four: Blog It

A website with a blog allows the bride and groom to write about the feelings they experience during such a momentous period. Friends and family will love reading about the ups and downs that occur during a wedding, and online blogs are easier to update than a paper journal. After the wedding the entries can be printed and placed into a scrapbook for posterity's sake.

Three: Photo Sessions

Never lose an important photograph again. From the bridal shower to the reception, preserve even the smallest moments of your wedding with an Internet photo album. You, your friends, and your spouse-to-be can add photos of every situation that occurs during the wedding itself as well as the time before and after the ceremony. Even if you've hired a professional photographer for the main events, you'll be glad you have other details of your wedding captured, as well.

Two: Share the Details

Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry. A change of venue or a delayed rehearsal dinner isn't a problem when you track the details of your wedding plans on the Internet. A website allows you and your guests to stay informed about any last minute changes just by paying a quick visit to your online wedding center.

One: Preserve Every Memory

The best of the 7 important reasons to create a wedding website is perhaps the most obvious. A well-planned wedding website is a collection of precious memorabilia stored in a central location. It can hold embarrassing mistakes as well as the shiniest moments of your wedding that might be lost in the fray otherwise. Download the information, print it, and place it in your wedding album to keep forever.


Before you make a decision about a wedding website, research your options carefully. Some points to consider include domain names, ready-made templates, professional web design companies, and free vs. paid website hosting.

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7 Important Reasons to Create a Wedding Website