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Free Flag Backgrounds
Free Flag Backgrounds

One of the most popular website backgrounds for many sites on the net is the American flag background. Read on to learn which type of websites integrate the American flag into their background graphics the best, and the methods you can use to incorporate this patriotic image into your own website.

Why Use an American Flag Background?

While Myspace users have been adding large and bold [[American Flag For a Background|American flag images and backgrounds]] to their pages for years, the more common use of the American flag is much more subtle today.

What It Represents

The American flag stands for many different things to many different people. If you're a soldier, then it represents not only liberty and freedom, but also the sacrifices of the many men and women who gave up their lives to protect that freedom. If you are a lawyer or a politician, the American flag stands for the lofty ideals of justice and due process. If you're a history buff or you're a very patriotic person, the flag may represent the enduring American values of equality and human rights that are reflected in the long, and at times somewhat painful, history of this young country. Whatever the flag represents to you, you have your own reasons and purposes for using this symbol on your own website. Some of the most common types of websites the flag is typically used on includes:

  • Military websites
  • Political websites
  • Veteran's web pages and organizations
  • Local, state and federal government sites
  • Private websites of patriotic citizens

One of the most important things to remember when you choose to use an American flag background on your website is that what this particular flag represents for many people is very emotional. While the very ideals of America protect your right to use the image however you like, if you do choose to use it in any disrespectful way, you should expect to receive from very negative comments from your visitors. It's always best to be tasteful and considerate when using the American flag as your web page background.

Where Can I Find These Backgrounds?

american flag eagle backgrounds

There are an overwhelming number of online sources where you can find American flag images that you might incorporate into the background of your web page. However, the following sites represent some of the best, in that the images are both high quality as well as royalty free.

  • CastleBerryArts is a somewhat amateur site, but there's a very well designed flag background that features very nicely "softened" imagery that won't detract from your website content.
  • Desktop Nexus offers flag images that are more for your computer desktop than for websites, but if you are a huge fan of President Obama, you'll love these flag backgrounds.
  • PatriotIcon offers a whole collection (six pages) of free American flag images that you can take and transform into your own background imagery using your favorite Photo editing software by fading the image so that it isn't so bright and bold.

The sites above are only a small sampling of the many places online where you can download free flag graphics for your website.

Final Words

Regardless what your reasons are for using American flags as a website or desktop background, one thing that's certain is that there are a lot of people who enjoy displaying the image not only on their website, but on their blogs, forum profiles, and everywhere else on the Internet where they want to display their national pride.

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American Flag Background