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Falling Snow GIF
Falling Snow GIF

Animated falling snow GIFs are among the most popular and often-used animated web page graphics. Download a file from any of the resources provided below and add some to your site as a way of enhancing its visual appeal.

About Animated Falling Snow GIFs

Animated Graphical Interchange Format (GIF) images are computer graphics that appear to move. An animated GIF is actually a combination of multiple images that are displayed in a particular order. These special GIF files are known as type "GIF89a." Graphic designers can program the GIF to loop endlessly, or they can configure it to run through the loop once and then stop on the last image.

Designers use a variety of software tools that are capable of putting together multiple GIF images into one GIF89a file. There are also free software tools available for creating GIF89a files such as GifUp or Picasion.Webmasters and graphic designers create animated falling snow GIFs in a variety of styles and for a number of purposes. Some examples include:

  • Companies can use them as a wintertime backdrop for web page ads.
  • They can provide cozy winter ambiance on your website.
  • They are useful when embedded into an email for holiday messages or jokes.
  • They are ideal for holiday or seasonal web pages and blogs.

Where to Find Animated Snow GIFs

While it's possible to create snow GIFs yourself, doing so requires time, effort and skill with graphic design. It's faster and easier to utilize an existing animated snow GIFs that already exists online. Here are a few resources where you can find them.

  • Heather's Animations is one of the largest collections of GIF animations on the internet. Heather provides web visitors with thousands of animated GIFs, and hundreds of those are based on snow. Her creations are adorable cartoon frames that play out in well timed sequence.
  • Animation Library promotes itself as "The World's Largest Free Animation Collection." In fact, it does live up to that claim. The main page features 18 general categories as well as its own search engine. The library offers almost 14,000 free animations. Under the nature category you'll find the "snow" library. This section provides visitors with 25 snow animations.
  • Dynamicdrive provides a javascript code that animates a snowflake GIF image location on the page to make it appear that transparent snowflakes are drifting down the entire web page.
  • AAanimations offers visitors a large collection of animated GIFs. This website carries thousands of various animated GIFs, but if you use the search engine on the site and type "snow", you will discover a huge variety based on snow.
  • WonderWorlds offers several snow backgrounds with the flakes falling against different colors. These appear more like actual falling snow, rather than a cartoon or drawing.
  • Net Animations has multiple GIF files of falling snow. Some offer only the snow itself, while others have a complete winter background to accompany it.

Installing Animated GIFs

Installing an animated GIFs featuring falling snow is very simple. These changing images can be used as a webpage background, icons, or throughout the page as web page decoration.

As a background:

<body text="#FFFF00" bgcolor="#000000" link="#FF0000" vlink="#FF6600" alink="#33CCFF" background="snowfall.gif">

As an icon or image:

<img SRC="snowfall.gif" height=17 width=432>

Note of Caution: Be careful not to use too many different animated GIFs on one page. This can make the page appear too "busy" and may drive visitors away.

Regardless which approach you use to display these fun snowy GIFs, they will always provide a boost to the atmosphere of any website. Animated GIFs are lively, creative and fun. Used wisely they can turn a regular website into a fantastic one.

Add Some Winter Fun To Your Site

Animated GIFs of falling snow are a fun way to add some winter cheer to your site. Add them for a day or for the entire season; in any case they are sure to help get your visitors in the winter spirit.

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Animated Falling Snow GIFS