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While the Internet contains thousands of articles, news stories, and research papers, consumers like to see animated funny stuff to break up the information. GIF is the most common image format on the Internet, as it is universally understood on any web browser, uses little bandwidth, and does not require any plug-ins or special software. Animations are useful because they demonstrate a process or show changes over a time. GIF animations are useful for showing small clips of information.

What is Web Animation?

Animations are short one-second cartoons that continuously repeat. The GIF provides the illusion of an animation, when in reality it is a series of pictures changing every nanosecond. While they may appear to be a short video clips, the GIF files take up considerably less space on a web server, and you can make one using basic photo editing software, such as Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro. Web designers may argue that Adobe Flash is a form of animation, Flash utilizes vector-based drawings and the output resembles video rather than animation.

Benefits of Animated GIFs

Every component of your website needs to have an underlying purpose and convey the appropriate message to your audience. While the animated GIFs add novelty to your design, the overall animation should complement your content and break up larger chunks of text. If the animation is irrelevant, it may distract or confuse your readers, causing them to leave unexpectedly.

In retail, the animated GIFs can highlight multiple products in one spot, act as a clickable button for a larger video, or provide a call to action for the end user. Position the animation to draw attention to parts of your website, such as current promotions or future sales, as it is the first thing users will notice when visiting your website.

Types of Funny Animated Stuff

The main purpose of using humorous animated GIF files is to entertain your readers and make them smile. There are several different types of funny animation, including celebrity mockery, funny animals, freak accidents, dancing and exercise humor, workplace and office jokes, as well as crude or unethical humor. Before posting animated funny GIF files on your website, ensure your audience will not be offended by the content. It is best to place universally understood and politically correct humor on your website to avoid controversy and potential issues.

Animated Funny Stuff on the Internet

The Internet offers dozens of outlets for finding funny animated pictures. Before posting any image on your website ensure you have permission from the owner of the intellectual property. Services such as iStockPhoto and the WikiCommons offer licensed funny animated GIF files. Use caution when searching for animated funny GIFs online, as websites feature R rated images with foul language. These pictures are found on websites allowing users to "pimp" their social media profiles.

Websites Offering Free Animated Funny Stuff for Your Website:

Adding Animations to Your Website

Inserting GIF animations onto your website utilizes the same commands as regular GIF files and pictures. Upload the funny GIF into the appropriate directory of your website, usually the root folder. Create a new image using the "IMG SRC" tag, pointing to the funny GIF image you uploaded.



Describe the GIF in three words and place in the "alt" tag. Enter the native dimensions of the funny GIF or resize the image according to your website's needs before uploading your HTML page to the Internet.

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