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bubble letter font

If you haven't heard of bubble letter fonts you are missing out on a very fun and creative way to decorate Word documents. When you click into the font options of your Word program you will find that there are many different styles that come standard on the word processor. You have likely used a variety of them to get a special look for a business report, school book report, or your own documents created for personal use.

Most people know this much about fonts, but what many don't realize is that there are some additional fonts which can be added into Word. Many of these fonts are used for more creative purposes, such as in arts and crafts projects.

If you find the fonts that are already listed on your Word program to be boring or inadequate, then consider locating some playful bubble fonts to spice things up a bit.

Bubble Letter Fonts Variety

If you guessed that bubble letter fonts are puffy and airy like a bubble, you are partly correct. The name does come for the original bubble fonts which were outlines of letters that were open in the middle to look a lot like bubbles. Today, the font has become extremely popular and a wide variety of styles are now available.

For instance, you can now find the bubbledot font which creates the letters with a series of tiny bubble-like circles or the bubble extreme font which creates larger sized letters that are puffy like a bubble but filled in black and leaning to the left (or "lefty" as some sites cutely call it). You can even get bubble fonts that are created to be thin, fat, barely outlined, italicized, or condensed with each letter appearing extremely close to the next.

If you take the time to look around you can even find some highly creative, unusual bubble fonts such as the "blooming flower bubble" font that gives big fat bubble letters decorated with cute flowers.

Top 5 Uses for Bubble Fonts

Create eye-catching banners or advertisements for your business. Bubble letter fonts are fun and playful so they may be the perfect choice for some promotional materials or advertisements, depending on the nature of the product being sold. They are good for advertising events that you want children to attend, for instance.

Fill up space on a large poster board for a kid's school assignment. If you are a parent you know how tiring it can be when your child has to make a sign for a school project on one of those huge poster boards. Using bubble fonts will make the finished product look more fun and festive for other kids to enjoy and most kids like selecting between the different fonts to find one they like best. Since many are larger in size than most other fonts they will also occupy more space on the board if that helps make the project get done faster.

Make creative and highly original brochures and reports. Use the more creative bubble font letters to decorate the cover of a brochure or report that will be used within your office or sent out to clients. Some of them are fun and will leave a lasting impression on others who have never seen these creative letters before.

Decorate scrapbooking layout pages. If you love to scrapbook photos of your children, grandchildren, or other people's children you definitely need a wide selection of bubble fonts on your computer! You can use these letters to create stunning, fun, and unusual titles and thought bubbles for your layouts.

Card making and other crafts are a lot more fun if you print individual letters in a cute bubble font and allow children to glue them on to make words. You can also print out the names of your children in fun colors and use it to create framed wall art for their bedrooms or another room of the house.

Finding Bubble Fonts Online

So how do you find all of these bubble fonts and get them onto your own computer? You can search online and find hundreds of websites that offer them and many will allow you to download them into your computer for free. To get the new fonts to appear in your Word program along with your other fonts, just hit the download button on the site and choose to save it to a selected folder (remember where it is), then follow this command path: Start menu > control panel > appearance and personalization > install and remove fonts > install new font > install font on the font that you just downloaded.

Bubble fonts add uniqueness and value to your print and online publications.

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Bubble Letter Fonts