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Article Highlight: Web Design Proposal Examples and Templates

Once you've found a client who's interested in hiring you to do their website, the next step is sending them a formal proposal. A well-crafted proposal is essential for not only winning the job but also for making… Keep reading »

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Web Design Tips and Tutorials

Web design tips and tutorials available here at LoveToKnow Web-Design make the venture of building a website easier to accomplish. With simple step-by-step details on how to do everything from create a page with virtually no experience to choosing a hosting company, you can and will learn how to design a website.

About Web Design Tips and Tutorials

At LoveToKnow Web Design, you will find articles about all aspects of building, designing and hosting web pages. And if you are someone who has never done this before, you will need a few web design tips and tutorials to get going. The best way to learn is through example and from the background of expertise of other web-design professionals. In this channel, you'll find many different guides and tutorials that will help you along.

Tutorial Topics

Areas of instruction include:

  • Simple ways to build a website
  • How to host your page
  • Choosing a domain name
  • How to post pictures on a website
  • Designing a web page

The hope is that you find a few good ideas at Web Design Tips and Tutorials and you website-building skills will begin to grow. Articles here are not only for novice designers, but also for experienced ones who need a little refresher lesson now and then.

Things You Can Accomplish

When you use the tutorials and guides that you'll find here, you'll accomplish things with your website that you never thought possible. Learn how to create a web album, install web safe fonts or even how you can download and use free Ebay templates and layouts. The only limit to what you can accomplish on your website is your own imagination.

Web Design Tips and Tutorials