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Article Highlight: 12 Days of Christmas Graphics

Graphic images illustrating the whimsical and popular 12 Days of Christmas song can be a great addition to your website or holiday craft projects for the holiday season. The free clip art images provided here… Keep reading »

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Web Graphics

Give your website the lift it needs by adding a few web graphics to its pages. These visual presentations can be static or animated, imaginary or represent something in the real world. Whatever you use, web graphics can significantly enhance the visual appeal and the overall quality of your website.

About Web Graphics

At LoveToKnow Web Design, you can learn how to create or find web page graphics for your website. Web graphics include icons, backgrounds, animation and much more. Articles on this subject include:

  • Backgrounds with animation
  • Cute and funny backgrounds
  • Web graphics relating to school, firefighters and more
  • Using GIF files as part of your web pages including ones that are humorous
  • Understanding and using Flash in website graphics

Remember Copyright Laws

While using web graphics on your website may be fun and trendy to do, remember that many, many of the images and graphics on the Internet are licensed and owned by somebody else. For instance, you cannot go and copy a picture of Disney's Mickey Mouse or Tinkerbell without permission. Those are copyrighted characters owned by The Walt Disney Company. The same is true for other types of graphics such as photographs of celebrities on a gossip website or personal images on someone's blog. Unless you create the image or take the picture yourself, or have consent from the owner, then you cannot use that web graphic. Make sense? There are many websites that have "free stock" images that can be used. A Google search will fill you in on which ones.

Have Fun!

Searching for or creating graphics for your website can be a lot of fun. Make sure to browse the many resources here at LoveToKnow to find exactly what you need for your web design project.

Web Graphics