Cool Alt Codes

Cool Alt Text Symbols
Cool Alt Text Symbols

When you're coding your website or blog and you want to include unique symbols into your content without the need for embedding images, you can use cool alt codes. Alt codes let you insert fun symbols into your text like smiley faces, arrows, accent marks and more.

Why Use Cool Alt Codes?

Sometimes, when you're creating content for your website, you may want to add an accent mark over a letter for unique names and places, or you may want to insert fun images like arrows, mathematical symbols and more. Cool alt codes let you easily add these images directly into your text instead of trying to embed and align images.

Types of Alt Codes

The term "alt codes" come from the fact that in word processors, you can generate symbols that don't exist on the keyboard by holding down the ALT key and typing in a particular code for that symbol. When you lift the alt key afterwards, the small image appears as the next character in your text. There are literally hundreds of these codes available to you, covering categories of symbols as follows.

  • Instant messaging
  • Different types of arrows
  • Random bullet symbols like playing card symbols, musical notes or the sun
  • Math symbols like sum or infinity
  • Greek symbols like alpha, omega and pi
  • Editing symbols like new paragraph or indentation
  • Accented letters
  • Other symbols like ampersand, copyright or trademark

Alt codes are the fastest and easiest way to add fun images to the content of your page, or to add important symbols in your text such as adding the copyright symbol to your website name or inserting mathematical equations into your paragraph.

How to Add Alt Codes to Your Website

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Adding any of these alt codes into your text is very simple. First, look up the image that you want to use (see the list of resources at the bottom of this article). Once you know the alt code for your symbol, you can add it into your text by typing "&#" followed by the code number, and then ended with the ";" character. For example, if you want to add a copyright symbol at the end of your website name, you would enter the following code.

Copyright & # 0 1 6 9 ;

When you publish the page with the code above, your web page will display, "Copyright ©".

The Coolest Alt Codes

The following list is a selected collection of the coolest alt codes that are available. All you need to do is use the code example above, but substitute one of the codes below in order to insert that symbol into your text.

Cool Alt Codes
Description Code Symbol
Question Diamond 129
Integral Symbol 131 ƒ
Christian Cross 134
Greek Symbol 163 £
Copyright 0169 ©
Registered 169 ©
TradeMark 0153
Paragraph 182
Double Right Arrows 187 »
Half 0189 ½
Quarter 188 ¼
Three-Quarters 190 ¾
Upside-Down Question Mark 191 ¿
Beta 225 ß
Accented "e" 233 é

More Information

The examples above are only a few from a very long list of small images that are available to you in character format. For a full list of all symbols and their alt text codes, check out the following lists.

  • UsefulShortcuts offers a free PDF download of all alt text codes.
  • Penn State offers this great resource that displays the symbol as well as the code.
  • TheWorldOfStuff provides this comprehensive list that also includes name codes and shortcut keys for the same symbols on non-Windows operating systems.

Whenever you have a need to use any of these special characters, just check out any of these pages, copy the code and insert them into your HTML code to feature them on your own website.

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