Digital Photo RSS News Feeds

Ryan Dube
Digital Photo RSS News Feeds

Due to the tremendous size of the Internet and the rapid growth of millions of websites, many Internet travelers now use RSS readers to keep track of the blogs, websites and even digital photo RSS news feeds that align with their interests. News feeds with digital photos are particularly popular because news photos reflect current events that are taking place in the world today.

About Digital Photo RSS News Feeds?

Many professional photographers create RSS feeds to promote their own digital photography through popular stock photography sites that offer RSS feeds, such as Webshots or Flickr. However, news feeds are pulled from the work of news photographers, and those RSS news feeds return the digital photos that go along with the latest news stories. Digital photo RSS news feeds come from many sources, for example:

  • Local and national news organizations
  • Environmental groups and organizations
  • Military or government news
  • Space, science and technology news

The following examples of specific digital photo feeds provide a small sampling of the growing number of sources for high quality digital news photos that these news sites are willing to deliver directly to your RSS reader.

Major News Organizations

Most of the major news websites now offer RSS feeds for the photography within their news stories. If your interest is national or entertainment news, then these RSS feeds are the ones to which you'll want to subscribe.

  • CBS News provides a comprehensive list of impressive RSS feeds, but in particular they provide a "Most Popular Photos" RSS news feed.
  • The New York Times offers seven feeds in the area of the Arts. While the feed isn't focused exclusively on digital photos, the feeds certainly offer digital photo content.
  • National Public Radio (NPR) doesn't specifically offer a photo feed, but it does provide an RSS feed for Arts and Life.
  • Yahoo! News photos are some of the most popular digital photos covering a wide range of national news and entertainment photos. Yahoo offers an entire RSS feed devoted to serving these popular photos to interested web travelers.
  • Rolling Stone, one of the most popular entertainment magazines in the world, offers an entire RSS feed for "the hottest shots of the hottest artists.

Other News Organizations

Every industry and research field has its own unique collection of news that serves a particular niche interest. The most popular of these include the environment, science, education, government and defense news. The news organizations that serve these areas of interest also recognize the popularity of news feeds, and in particular RSS feeds of news photos. Here are a few of the best available feeds to which you can subscribe:

  • DefenseLink offers a fascinating and current collection of news photos of interest to defense and military personnel. An RSS link on the bottom menu provides for easy subscription to these news photos.
  • National Geographic News provides excellent photo articles with titles such as "Space Photos This Week", "Photo in the News", and "Top Ten Photo Galleries." An RSS link on the right allows you to subscribe to these excellent digital photo updates.
  • NASA presents space enthusiasts with two excellent digital photo feeds, including "image of the day," and "Large Image of the Day." These NASA photos are some of the most popular digital images on the Internet.
  • FIFA provides two excellent RSS feeds for sports news photos titled "Latest Photos," and "2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa."

More Resources

The list above is only a very small sampling of the many RSS feeds provided by many online websites that offer high quality digital news photos. In addition to photos, another multimedia source that you can find on these sides includes video RSS feeds, which offers access to the latest video news sources on the Internet. Regardless which form of multimedia you prefer, videos or photos, one thing that's certain is that the content for these feeds is being produced so fast that Internet travelers almost require an RSS reader in order to keep track of the high volume of content that's available online.For additional information about RSS, review the following LoveToKnow articles:

Digital Photo RSS News Feeds