5 Easy-to-Use Flash Menu Generators

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Creating a Flash menu is easy with a Flash menu generator. There are several available online that can give you the code for your site in no time at all.

FlashVortex Website

The FlashVortex site can create Flash menus as well as some other website options like animated texts, banners, buttons and clocks. Once you receive the code for your menu, you can either easily install it with an HTML code snippet that will link to the menu on FlashVortex's page where it will be hosted. Or, if you have some coding knowledge, you can download the entire code and use their installation guide that provides step-by-step instructions on how to install it on your site.

Flash Vortex Menu Generator Screenshot
Flash Vortex Menu Generator

There are nine different menu templates to choose from including a basic menu, an expandable menu, a drop-down menu and menus with particle, rainbow, wave, and accordion affects. The site interface is very simple and walks you step by step through adding in the text for your menu buttons, choosing your colors, adding hyperlinks and more. It's great for someone without a lot of coding knowledge who just needs the basics.

Webestools Flash Web 2.0

Webestools Flash Web 2.0 menu generator is fairly easy to use for beginners who don't need a lot of frills and customization. The code generated is HTML. You enter in the text for your buttons in the fields provided and the hyperlinks. There are 21 styles to choose from with various color palettes although the actual menus look basically the same aside from the colors. Once you generate the menu code, you will have to copy and paste it into your website. If you don't know any code, you may find this more difficult to do although there is a forum where you can ask questions.

Webestools flash menu generator
Webestools Flash Menu Generator

Vista Flash Menu

The Vista Flash Menu site has several styles to choose from, including animated buttons, icons, and metallic and flat color schemes. There's a video tutorial to walk you through the process so even a complete beginner with no coding knowledge can do it. There is a free 30-day trial to use the generator after which you will need to purchase a single license for around $50 or a business license with more features for about $70.

This site has some nice features that the free sites do not, such as the ability to test the menus on other browsers, making CSS styling changes to the buttons, a theme editor to create your own, and customer support. This is a good option for small businesses or bloggers who have built a large following and want to add more features.

Flash Menu Builder

You can make Flash menus with this software from Sothink for just under $50, although there is a 30-day free trial period. There are 68 built-in templates, 50 special effects and 35 preset styles. The menu generator is based on WYSIWYG so anyone can build a menu without any prior knowledge. This makes it simple for everyone, from entrepreneurs to bloggers just starting out.

Screenshot of SourceTec Flash Menu Builder
SourceTec Flash Menu Builder Product

There is also a publishing wizard to help you install the code on your website. Menus can be customized with different sounds, fonts and sizing. The preset templates have a wide range of coloring and styles as well as some animations.

A4 Flash Website Menu Builder

A4 Flash software is easy to use for anyone, experienced or not, and the templates can be edited without any coding. Once a menu is generated, you can upload it to your site using a FTP program (they provide FileZilla, a free program). The site provides instructions on where and how to load it and there's customer support if you need additional help. The most basic version of the software start around $50 and the highest costs over $300. The differences are that the higher levels are packaged with additional themes and options. You can download a free trial to test the program out that comes with 84 templates.

A4 Flash Menu Generator
A4 Flash Menu Generator

The templates include drop-down menus and icon links and you can customize with your own logo, colors, fonts, music, and more. There's an extensive gallery page where you can look at the template options to get an idea of what you can make with the software package. It's a great option for businesses.

Finding a Flash Menu Generator

Most of these generators require you to have little coding knowledge so they're a good fit for a website you build on your own, whether it's a simple blog or a multi-page site. They are generally simple to use and can be customized to suit your taste to add an interactive element to your website's menu.

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