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Christian individuals and groups have very specific and unique needs that require free Christian web graphics.

Who Needs Free Christian Web Graphics?

Free Christian web graphics are in high demand, not only for use on Christian websites, but also for use in church publications, PowerPoint presentations, religious classes, bible study publications, and many other purposes. Christians, as a group, are extremely active in the areas of education, welfare, child care, and a multitude of other public services that require the use of Christian graphics. This is why the demand for these free graphics is so high.

There are more websites devoted to free Christian-focused graphics than almost any other web graphic category. This is likely due, in large part, to the fact that Church communities across the world are generally very cooperative, and most Christian design artists who design these graphics are doing so as a service "to the lord," rather than to earn income or carve a living from selling them.

ChristArt - Anointed Arts & Media

One of the most comprehensive sites devoted to Christian art is While the focus of this website is actually Christian clipart, the graphics of such high quality that they would make ideal web page graphics as well. The thousands of clipart images available at this website are absolutely free to download, and they are downloaded as PNG files, which are the new version of GIF files. Most of the art here is cartoonish in nature, but very well designed and professional. If you do use the images for free, the only requirement is that you include a link back to ChristArt somewhere on your website. Some examples of the themes for the art offered on ChristArt includes bible, cross, dove, fish, prayer, praise, Christian symbols, biblical scenes, and much more. The site is also fun to browse, as it also include a store full of Christian merchandise, a books section, and a section for printing premade handouts (these sections do require membership).


One of the most interesting websites that features Christian images is GospelGifs. This website is a little more fun than the rest because the images are very different, and some are even humorous. The website owners offer hundreds of icons and images for absolutely free. Additionally, the website offers:

  • Banners
  • Pages of clip arts
  • "Kids for Jesus" pictures
  • PowerPoint backgrounds
  • ePosters
  • Animated GIFS
  • Daily bible verses
  • Photos

The photo section is especially beautiful, with amazing pictures of nature in every season. Image descriptions include "Autumn in Montana", "Beauty of God's Universe", and "Farm in Winter."

Additional Resources

The Internet is filled with thousands of websites created by Christians who seek to distribute free Christian images to other believers who seek to use the internet to spread the "word of the lord." These Christians selflessly devote their time and resources to create beautiful images that others can use for free.

You can locate additional websites for free images by searching for "Free Christian Images" on any search engine. Some additional websites that offer libraries of images and other Christian themed web page designs are listed below.

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