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One of the most efficient ways to provide website visitors with a practical method of contact is to incorporation a free customizable guestbook. Find out how you can enhance communication between you and your guests with this Internet technology.

Why Have a Guestbook?

Most people think of online guestbooks as a fast and easy way to send a greeting, but there are other effective ways to utilize a free customizable guestbook for both business and personal reasons.

Home based business guestbooks provide a speedy way for your customers to report a problem, allow visitors to view positive customer feedback, and show potential customers the type and range of clientele that your business serves.

Besides allowing your visitors to say hello, guest books can make your personal life easier by allowing old acquaintances to locate you, keeping guests informed about events like weddings or parties, and providing a platform upon which to build new relationships with people of common interests.

Free Customizable Guestbook Options

There are several ways to add a guestbook to your website no matter your web design skill level. The best option for you depends upon your level of design expertise and the amount of time you want to spend creating your guestbook. Browse the choices listed below to find a free guestbook system that meets your needs.

Free Guestbook Scripts

If you have some experience with web design and programming, you might choose to use one of the many free guestbook scripts that are available online. They are infinitely customizable, making it a snap to match your guestbook's look and functionality to the rest of your website.

  • UltraGuest: This guestbook's features include full customization, anti-spam technology, and editing/deleting capabilities.
  • Easy PHP Guestbook: With Easy PHP, you can add a comment section to any page on your website, or you can create a self-contained guestbook. Features include anti-spam measures, easy customization, and an admin section.
  • HyperBook: This script is easy to set up for beginners and features customizable colors and graphics, alternate language configuration, and anti-spam options.

Free Web-Based Guest Books

Using a guestbook hosted elsewhere is probably the easiest option, which makes it an excellent choice for people with limited programming skills and for people who don't want to invest a lot of time in the project. Web-based guest books are not stored on your web space, but your visitors gain easy access just by clicking a link. Most of these guest books are fully customizable so that they blend in seamlessly with the design of your website. Take a look at some examples of web-based guest books listed below.

  • eFree Guestbook: Among the features that come with this guestbook are private messaging, comment moderation, and its fully customizable appearance.
  • Smart Guestbook: This is a simple guestbook that works well for beginners. It offers the ability to customize the design or choose from over 100 predesigned templates.
  • Site Gadgets: This guestbook doesn't offer a lot of bells and whistles, but it is fully customizable and features the ability to add an unlimited amount of questions to your guestbook.

Things to Remember

When you're searching for a free customizable guestbook, it's a good idea to keep the following things in mind.

  • Many free web-based services will place one or more ads on your guestbook.
  • Take your HTML, Perl, and PHP coding skills into account when choosing a guestbook script.
  • Most blogging sites like Wordpress, Typepad, and Blogger have guest books or comment capability already built in.
  • If you don't like your guestbook, it's easy to start over with a different option.


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Free Customizable Guestbook