Free Della Robbia Font

Free Della Robbia Font

If you're looking for a free Della Robbia font, you're pretty much out of luck. The gorgeous font runs about $50, but it is well worth the cost if your product requires some of the finest lettering out there.

Development of Della Robbia

Della Robbia as a font face was created by the famous designer Thomas Maitland Cleland. Cleland was born in 1880 and died in 1964, long before the use of fonts on computers was widespread. His fonts were used in advertising, newspapers, and books. Aside from Della Robbia, he also created five other font families that are still widely used: American Garamond, Garamond 3 (two versions), and Garamont Amsterdam BQ. He based Della Robbia on 15th Century Florentine capitals, creating an elegant and easy-to-follow serif font.

All of which is good reason to pay for it, rather than trying to get a free Della Robbia font. It is available for the relatively low price of $50 at sources such as Myfonts. While that may seem like a lot of money considering the number of other free fonts that are out there, compare it to the thousands of dollars that some fonts go for and it's quite a deal.

If you do google "free Della Robbia font" there will be many links that pop up, because many other people would like it as well. However, at best they are simply pages that are trying to get you to use other fonts such as the one at Boxfont, which only has links to other ad sites, and a very nice display of the Cantoria font family - but no way to download it or any other font. At worst, there are malicious malware and virus downloads that are labeled as Della Robbia fonts when they really aren't. The safest bet is to only use fonts that you download from reputable sources, such as Paratype from Bitstream.

Installing the Not-Free Della Robbia Font

Once you've paid the money necessary to own a safe and complete version of the Della Robbia font, it is time to install it on your computer. Depending on the operating system you use, you will need to either open Font Book on a Mac or the Settings panel on your PC.

  • On a Mac, the Font Book will open immediately when you double-click the font you downloaded. It will show the full font, and in the upper right there is an option to see the font in various sizes. Another advantage of the commercial Della Robbia font is the ability to see various styles of the font, such as italic, bold, outline, and more. You can also use the left-side panel to organize your fonts into various categories (such as Print, Web, Advertising, Flyers) and also control which users and applications can access the new font. It may be necessary to quit and restart applications after installing the font for them to have access to Della Robbia.
  • On Windows, go to the Control Panel via the Start Menu (this is the method for Vista; for other Windows versions, visit the Microsoft site. Select Appearance and Personalization, then select Fonts. Click the File choice, followed by Install New Font. A file menu should come up, but if it doesn't, press the ALT key and you should have an "Add Fonts" window pop up. Navigate to the place where you downloaded the Della Robbia font, select it, and then just click Install.

Once this is finished, all word-processing, image, and even chat applications should be able to access and use your Della Robbia font. While purchasing it will give you the right to use it in all of your work, you may need to check the license terms before including it as a web embedded font, because that may violate some terms of use. However, as a style of lettering it has been used successfully for centuries, and would be a useful addition to any web designer's toolbox.

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Free Della Robbia Font