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A free Dr. Seuss font can be used in a variety of ways, including enhancing Seuss-themed birthday party decor or as a teaching tool. The quirky fonts used in the books are easily recognizable and often evoke a sense of whimsy and lightheartedness in the viewer.

Free Dr. Seuss Fonts

Most everyone, after reading at least one or two Dr. Seuss books, can immediately recognize the style of fonts used in Dr. Seuss' books. They are quirky, whimsical, and immediately evoke smiles.

Dr Seuss Software

There are quite a few fonts that look similar to those used in the Seuss books and you can download a them free at a variety of sites:

Doctor Soos

This font is almost identical to the font used in many of Seuss' books. It's a sans serif font that features both upper and lower case letters.

  • Font Space: This is the bold version of a font that is done in a Dr. Seuss style with a whimsical look and serifed letters.
  • Font Space: This is the light version of the Soos font.

Dr Seuss

This font is also very similar in style to the fonts used by Seuss. The lower case letters produce capital letters, while the capitals produce Seuss related dingbats such as an icon of the hat from Cat in the Hat. Here are a few places where this font can be downloaded:


This font is very similar to the classic Seuss' font, including the one used on The Cat in the Hat. It can be downloaded at the following links:

Grinched Too

This whimsical font is Seuss inspired and features pictures of various Seuss characters within the letters. Download this font from the following sites:

Dr. Eve L

This font isn't exactly the same as is used in the Seuss books, but it is very similar and would work well as a secondary font. It can be found for free download here:


Though the Fishbowl font isn't an exact match to those used in the Seuss books, it is similar and can be used as a secondary font or as a substitute. It can be downloaded for free:

Font Installation Instructions

If you choose to download one of the free Dr. Seuss inspired fonts, you'll need to know how to install it onto your computer. Here are instructions for several of the most popular operating systems.

Installing in Windows XP

  • Open "Fonts" in "Control Panel" folder
  • Click on the "Install New Font" in the "File" menu
  • Choose the drive you desire
  • Double-click the folder you want in "Folders"
  • Click on the font you want and hit "OK"
  • If you desire to add all the Seuss related fonts you downloaded at once, choose "Select All," and "OK"

Installing in Windows Vista

  • Click on "Control Panel"
  • Click "Appearance and Personalization"
  • Select "Fonts"
  • You'll be given the option to add or remove fonts from your system
  • Right click in the folder
  • Select "add fonts"
  • There will be a pop-up box with a list of installed fonts in your "System Folder"
  • Browse the "Drives" folder to the location where you downloaded your new Seuss font files
  • Select the files and then click "Install"

Installing in Windows 7

  • Click "Start Menu"
  • Open "Control Panel"
  • Click "Appearance and Personalization"
  • Drag the Seuss font file you want to install and drop it into the "Fonts Control Panel"
  • Select "Fonts"
  • If an error message appears, see if the font file is compressed

Installing in Mac

  • Open the "Finder"
  • Browse to the location where you stored your new font files
  • Select the font files that you'd like to install
  • Drag the font files over to the Font folder
  • You'll find it located inside the "Library" folder

Installing in Ubuntu (Linux)

  • Move the font files into the "System Fonts" folder "/usr/share/fonts"
  • If the folder is invisible, you might need to include a "." in front of it: "/.fonts"

Enjoy Working with Your New Font

Dr. Seuss font is unique and can be fun to use in party decor, email, on websites, and anywhere else you want to make people smile. If you download the TrueType font (the TTF file), take note that the letters are all in caps. If you press the shift key with this font, each letter becomes a unique Dr. Seuss icon, including characters from the stories. Theodor Geisel was a brilliant author who brought laughter and smiles to generations of children. By using free Dr. Seuss font, you can carry on in that tradition.

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Free Dr. Seuss Font