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Using free Dreamweaver templates is nothing to be ashamed of. Dreamweaver is a detailed program that offers a lot of functionality in creating web pages. Whether you are an experienced web designer or a beginner and want to learn the ropes, free Dreamweaver templates benefits everyone.

Why Use Free Dreamweaver Templates?

The Dreamweaver program is a powerful piece of software and learning the intricacies of everything it has to offer is a daunting task. Fortunately, you have the option of using templates. Templates contain preformatted sections that make inserting text, pictures and video a snap. While you don't have the luxury of putting items wherever you want, you do save the amount of time that it takes to create a web page so you can get it uploaded and viewed immediately.

Templates, especially for Dreamweaver, help beginners learn the ins and outs of the program. Since there are so many attributes that can be changed, it's often helpful to work on certain portions of the web page to learn how to manipulate Dreamweaver. For example, once you know how to add a border to a picture and change the background of that border and the cell it surrounds, then you are able do the same for the background and other objects you add to the web page.

Dreamweaver Options

Dreamweaver contains a basic set of templates for you to use. These are simple pages that have predesigned columns ranging from one to three, and it also has different sizes for the columns. Some templates allow you to adjust the size of the columns, while other templates give you a fixed set of columns. Unlike some templates you may download from the Internet, you have more leeway in where to place text or pictures.

Where to Find Templates Online

When locating free Dreamweaver templates, make sure that they are in the Dreamweaver format, which is .dwt. Below are some websites you can download free Dreamweaver templates.

  • Just Dreamweaver offers a decent selection of vibrant templates. Scroll down about one-third of the page, because the first few are templates that require a fee. Just Dreamweaver offers free templates for a variety of styles, like blogs, businesses and car enthusiasts. Being free, Just Dreamweaver does included an embedded footer that gives them credit for the template and a link to their site. This footer can't be edited, but if you like the template and want to remove the footer, then you can pay a free use fee.
  • Dreamweaver Templates has 16 different styles to choose from. The templates are crisp and colorful and can be changed to fit your needs. Most contain spots for pictures and text while some provide multi-column capabilities. For a larger selection, peruse their fee-based templates.
  • Free Site Templates has a healthy selection of free Dreamweaver templates that number over 70. The templates are user-created and you must register with the website in order to download. To register, you provide your email address, which is where they will send the template. When you register, you are giving permission to sign up for the newsletter, but if you are in the habit of using templates over creating from scratch, this may be beneficial for you. The website also has templates for Flash, WordPress, Joomla, Fireworks and more.
  • Smart Webby offers eight templates to use. These are a little more basic than the ones presented above. Downloading the templates from this site is an excellent way to learn Dreamweaver and to even learn how to create your own template. Most of the eight templates are geared towards businesses, but you can find a few general ones to use or modify however you need.

From Learning to Doing

After a while, you'll probably find that using templates hinders your creativity or hampers your ability to fit web pages to your purposes. Use the template experience to manufacture your own templates so that you can unleash that website!

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