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Free Font Lucida Calligraphy
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Lucida Calligraphy is a licensed font that was made by a professional designer and must be purchased if you don't own a license to a software program that includes the font. There are, however, some alternatives to the font, for the person who doesn't want to pay for it.

Make Sure You Need the Font

Lucida Calligraphy comes packaged in many Microsoft programs including the Office Suite and Windows. It is also included in Adobe Photoshop and other popular programs. Before you spend money purchasing the font or even time looking for a place to download it, take a look through your computer. You may find that the font is already installed in your system.

  • Mac Users: To look for the font on a Mac, unless you have OS X, click on your System Folder and open the Fonts folder to see if it is there. If you are using OS X, you'll need to begin by going to the Library folder to find your Fonts folder.
  • Windows Users: The easiest way to tell if the font is installed on your Windows computer is to access the Search function via the Start or Window button at the bottom left of your screen. Type "Helvetica" into the search box and hit Enter. This command will find the font if it is installed on your system.

Resources for Find Free Alternatives

  • Font Zone: This site offers a font called Lucida Calligraphy Italic that is almost identical to the original. They offer the download for free, but do have a link where visitors can donate to the site if they want to help to support it.
  • Font Seek: Offers over 30 fonts that are similar to Lucida Calligraphy for free download. Some of the fonts are very similar to the original, while others are inspired by the original, but have slight variations.
  • Eagle Fonts: This site offers a free font that is almost identical to the original. It also offers more information as to how to properly install the font after downloading.

Places to Purchase the Real Thing

  • Fonts.Com: The site,, offers the original font for sale for $29. It's available in Mac & Windows formats.
  • My Fonts: This site offers Lucida Calligraphy for $35 and offers it in for both the Mac and PC.
  • You Work for Them: Find the font for sale on this site for $19.95.

Using Your New Font

Lucida Calligraphy is a decorative script that can be used in print projects such as menus, wedding stationary and brochures, but it can also be used to create an elegant looking web pages. Whether you decide to pay for the font, to purchase software that includes it or to download a free look-alike, you are likely to be able to find an option that is perfect for you.

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Free Lucida Calligraphy Font