Where to Find Helvetica Font Downloads

Helvetica Font Key
Helvetica Font Key

The Helvetica font is very popular with web designers and desktop publishers. Helvetica is easy to read and can be scaled, which are features that make it so user friendly. The font is licensed, so it cannot be obtained for free, but it does come packaged in some computer programs. Also, there are many look-alike fonts that can be used instead.

Where to Find the Helvetica Font

Because of the popularity of Helvetica font, there are a lot of resources available for designers who would like to utilize them in their work.

Free Downloads of Helvetica and Similar Fonts:

Here is a selection of some websites that offer free fonts that are similar to the Helvetica Font:

  • Search Free Fonts: This website offers free downloads of 31 different Helvetica look-alike styles including plain Helvetica, Oblique Condensed, Extra compressed.
  • Font Space: This free font site offers a small selection of Helvetica look-alikes and provides a good selection of styles, including Milford Black, Caliban and Liberation.
  • Font Stock: You can download Helvetica 107 Extra Black Condensed from this site.
  • Font Zone: This site offers font that is very similar to Helvetica condensed and is available free.
  • Fonts 101: A free download of a font that is very similar to Helvetica Medium is available from this site.

Paid Downloads of Helvetica and Similar Fonts:

  • LinoType: There are 32 fonts in the Helvetica Truetype font family available here. They cost $29 per font, but they also offer a discount if you purchase several fonts bundled together.
  • My Fonts: There is an extensive list of fonts similar to Helvetica fonts to choose from, including Swiss 721.
  • My Fonts: You can Coolvetica, a font that was designed by Ray Larabie and is very similar to the original, but with a few slight variations. It costs around $30 per font for download.

Programs that Include Helvetica Font

Helvetica comes bundled with some programs and though these programs aren't free, there is no additional fee charged for the font. The Corel company includes the font in many of it's products such as CorelDraw. Mac OS X will find the font already installed in their system. Also, HP and other printer manufacturers include the font in their installation disks.

Choosing the Right Font Style

There are many different styles of Helvetica font to choose from, so it is up to the web designer to decide which particular style best suits their needs. Every project is different, and available Helvetica styles are very unique. Helvetica fonts that's free allows the designer to test different options when presenting it on a website. Although it might seem trivial, the choice of font can often have a great impact on the look, usability and tone of a particular website. Helvetica fonts are an excellent option because of their scalability and flexibility. These features make them very useful for both web designers and desktop publishers.

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Where to Find Helvetica Font Downloads