Free Image Hosting Sites

Free Image Hosting Sites

Sometimes, when you don't have quite enough web space to store all of your photos, free image hosting sites can really come in handy. These sites are especially useful when you want to post a lot of photos to your blog or website, or when you want to offer your visitors a photo gallery of your favorite images.

Flickr is one of the most popular as well as the most socially integrated free image hosting sites on the Internet. Flickr is not only a place where people host images, but it's more commonly used to share their images using the various social networks like Facebook and on blogs.

SmugMug Offers Unlimited Storage

SmugMug is one of those rare, free hosting sites that not only offers an ad-free image hosting experience, but the number of images that you can host with the service is unlimited. This is usually enough to sell even the most skeptical web designers on using this particular image host, but to sweeten the deal even further, this site also offers hosting (and free browsing) of High Definition (HD) videos.

Shutterfly Sells Photo Prints

Shutterfly is another very popular, free image hosting site. Like SmugMug, hosting images is absolutely free and your storage space is unlimited. Unlike SmugMug, Shutterfly is a commercial site, with the intent to sell you prints, photo albums and other products. This means that most of the pages and uploading steps will have ads to convince you to order prints of your photos.

Fotki is an Image Community

Fotki is promoted as a free image hosting service for blogs, however you can also use the service to share your images with friends and with the Fotki community, and you can even order prints at a discounted cost.

The Fotki hosting service is much more of a community than just strictly an image hosting site. You'll even find an entire section of Fotki forums and a section for community contests.

Start a Photo Blog with Fotolog

Fotolog is a combination of the words "photo" and "blog," because when you sign up for a free Fotolog account, you get your own page that serves as your own personal photo blog. Store photos on your Fotolog account for free, send the link of your page to your friends, and even start a group devoted to a certain topic or hobby. A photo blog like those at Fotolog greatly enhance the entire concept of having a blog, because you can share your life experiences through photo rather than just words.

Start a MyPhotoAlbum Gallery

MyPhotoAlbum is a unique photo hosting and sharing site because not only can you host your images on your account, but those images are served up on your own personal "Photo Album." The photo album is a well designed photo gallery where your guests can browse through your photos. As with other image hosting sites, you or your friends and family can purchase books, prints and other items of your photos.

Explore the World with Panoramio

Panoramio, by Google, is one of the most unique and amazing image hosting services, because in combination with letting you host your images from around the world for free, you are also adding to the database of fascinating images of various people and places everywhere on earth. Photos are shared and displayed on top of Google Maps - so that visitors can virtually explore the entire world through photos.

Webshots by American Greetings

Webshots is a photo hosting service provided by American Greetings. Webshots isn't an unlimited free account like some of the other sites. You're allowed to store 1,000 photos, and every month you maintain your free membership that limit increases by 100 photos. On Webshots, in addition to photo, video and slideshow storage, you also get your own personal page to share those. * Upload and share up to 5-minute videos. * Stats on three of your albums.

Social Networks and Photobucket

Photobucket has been a popular photo hosting site among social network enthusiasts for many years, starting with MySpace. Today, the hosting site is well integrated with all of the social networks as well as the most popular blogging platforms. Photobucket allows for up to 5000 photos or hours of video, and the ability to add neat effects to either video or images.

Share Photos with Snapfish

Snapfish, by Hewlett-Packard, is another image hosting site that has been around for years. It is also one of those that offers unlimited free photo storage and the ability to purchase photo prints delivered to your door.

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