Free Swiss 721 Bold BT Font

Free Swiss 721 Bold BT Font
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If you're one of those people who are in love with the Helvetica font, you may also be interested in the well known Helvetica clone known as the free Swiss 721 bold BT font. While the font set has both bold and non-bold, the bold set is a favorite.

Finding Free Version of the Swiss 721 Bold BT Font

The original Swiss 721 bold BT font can be purchased from for $99.00. If you are looking for a no-cost option, there are fonts that are very similar to the original Swiss 721 available for free. However, you should avoid doing a blanket Internet search for free fonts, because many of those sites are actually a cover for malicious sites that will infect your computer with Adware, MalWare or worse.

You can find fonts similar to the original Swiss 721 font at the following legitimate websites.

Font Installation Instructions

Whether you decide to purchase a copy of the Swiss 721 font, of if you download one of the free clones, you'll need to know how to install the font on your computer. Here are instructions for several of the most popular operating systems.

Installing in Windows XP

  1. Open "Fonts" folder in "Control Panel"
  2. Click "Install New Font" in the "File" menu
  3. Choose the drive you want
  4. Double-click the folder you want in the "Folders" file
  5. Click the font you want and click "OK"
  6. If you want to add all of the listed fonts, choose "Select All," and "OK"

Installing in Windows Vista

  1. Go to the control panel, and under "Appearance and Personalization" select "Fonts"
  2. When you click on the Fonts icon, you'll have the option to add or remove fonts from your system, and right click inside this folder and select "add fonts"
  3. In the next pop-up box, you'll see a list of installed fonts in your system folder
  4. Browse under the "Drives" folder to the location where you downloaded your new font files
  5. To install the font, simply select the files and then "Install"

Installing in Windows 7

  1. Open "Control Panel" from the "Start" menu
  2. Choose "Appearance and Personalization"
  3. Drag the font file you want to install and drop it into the "Fonts Control Pane"
  4. Select "Fonts"
  5. If an error message appears, check to see if the font file is compressed

Installing in Mac

  1. Open the Finder and browse to the location where you stored your new font files
  2. Select the font files that you'd like to install
  3. Drag the font files over to the Font folder (located inside the Library folder)

Installing in Ubuntu (Linux)

  1. Move the font files into the system fonts folder "/usr/share/fonts"
  2. If the folder is invisible, you may need to include a "." in front of it like this: "/.fonts"

Enjoy Working with Your New Font

No matter what you plan to use the Swiss 721 family of fonts for, either purchasing the original font, or downloading a free one, using any of the resources listed above, you're sure to find exactly the font that you need.

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Free Swiss 721 Bold BT Font