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Free Web Page Translator

If you are designing a web page or blog that's focused on languages, or the web page serves a multinational audience, a free web page translator can come in handy. There are two basic features that you can make available to your visitors: A translation tool, where visitors can type in the text they would like to translate, or a web page translator, where visitors can click a button and translate your entire web page to another language. Both techniques make use of free web page translator widgets.

What is a Free Web Page Translator Widget?

When you are designing your web page, you will obviously have a language preference, based on the language that you speak and write. However, on the web, you are serving a global audience who speaks languages other than English. Even visitors from foreign countries who understand English may prefer to read your website or blog in their own native language. If your website is focused on content that attracts an International audience, you will attract more visitors if you provide them the option to easily translate your content. There are a multitude of free widgets available that will easily provide that functionality to your visitors. By embedding the following widgets in a convenient location on your website or blog, you'll attract a much larger global audience.

Babel Fish

Babel Fish was once the language translator of choice for Yahoo!. On the main website of Babel Fish, you can type in any text, select a to-and-from language, and then click "translate." This is a very useful tool, and Yahoo provides this feature in the form of two widgets.

  • Babel Fish Text Translator is a widget that embeds the Babel Fish tool on your web page. Your visitor can type text into the field, select translation languages, and then click on "translate."
  • Babel Fish Web Page Translator tool is an extremely powerful tool that allows your visitor to select their preferred language, and the tool will convert your entire web page into the selected language.

Embedding these widgets is very easy. For example, in order to embed the web page translator widget, you simply paste the following code from the Yahoo! Babel Fish website into your web page:

<script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8" language="JavaScript1.2" src="®ion=us"></script>

Best of all, even though the widget accesses the Babelfish website to perform the translation, the result is your web page presented in its translated form. The tool is impressive and works exceptionally well. The only drawback is that the available languages are limited. Currently the tool only supports English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Many of the Eastern languages are lacking.

Google Translate

Although it's currently it beta release, Google's answer to web page translation is Google Translate. Google offers three powerful translation tools that you can use to translate entire websites.

  • Google Toolbar: Google's toolbar provides a powerful feature where you can just glide your mouse curser over any word on the web page you're visiting, and a pop-up box will provide you with that word translated into the language of your choice.
  • 1-Click Translation: Google also offers a unique translation service, where you add the button for the language you'd like to translate into your browser's toolbar. While you're on any web page, you simply click on the language button and the web page you're currently visiting is automatically translated to that language.
  • Google Translate Widget: Best of all, Google provides a free widget which you can embed on any web page so that your visitors can read a translated version of that page.

To embed the Google Translate widget, just embed the following script into your web page.

<script src=""></script>

The one advantage the Google widget has over most other translators is the range of language support. The tool can translate a page to up to 35 languages, including Chinese, Hebrew, and even Lithuanian.

Other Translator Widgets

Most major entities that serve large Internet communities now realize the need for these translation widgets. Most of those websites now offer their own widget, which you can embed into your web page for free.

  • Bing Translator offers translation to twelve languages and easy javascript code to embed into your web page.
  • IM Translator also offers free widgets that you can embed into your web page. IM Translator is one of the best, with 552 "language combinations," and several embed options, including as a popup, iframe, or as a floating button.
  • Babylon Translator provides, not only a 75 language text translator, but will also perform a spell check on your website. Babylon offers a free download with the option to buy the pro version.

Final Words

Due to the fact that translation service providers are seeking ways to promote their business to individual and corporate clients, web page translation widgets are now considered an ideal solution to that marketing challenge. By providing free web page translation widgets to web designers, these companies are able to achieve free advertising while also providing website owners with a valuable tool. These advertisers are actually in direct competition with search engines and online content providers, like Yahoo and Google, who also provide these free widgets in order to attract a larger user base.

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Free Web Page Translator