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Free Website Stock Tickers

Free Website Stock Tickers

If your business has anything to do with finance, you may want to use one of the free website stock tickers to liven up the page and provide some up-to-the-minute information for your visitors.

Choices in Free Website Stock Tickers

Interestingly, there are a few different ways to create a stock ticker for your webpage, and unlike most things on the web, the easiest and most reliable ones are free. Most mid-range stock tickers, such as the JAVA TICKER APPLET available from Anticariat Online, cost money to get the code for your website.

While it is certainly understandable for software programmers to want to be paid for their work, it's also not very difficult to use tools such as Twitter to get your own stock tickers on a website. Macroaxis has a website widget freely available, and you can simply cut and paste the javascript into your website. The disadvantage of this "roll your own" method is that you can't really control which stocks the ticker follows, but there is the advantage that there is more than just stock prices in the RSS feed, and this might bring more visitors to your site.

The NASDAQ Stock Ticker

One of the more versatile tools for embedding stock prices into a site is the NASDAQ Stock Ticker. After creating a personalized portfolio of your stocks, the Stock Widget will display three categories daily:

  • Most Active stocks
  • Advancers
  • Decliners

Even better, NASDAQ has fully embraced the social media phenomenon and made it possible to embed the widget in a tremendous number of online social networks, including Facebook, MySpace, WordPress, Blogger, hi5, and your own Google homepage. The widget is also available for the desktop widget environments available on Mac, Windows, and through Yahoo! Widgets.

However, the very first option provides the raw code to put the widget on your own site, and it's a simple 3 step process after configuring the widget to show the stocks you want:

  1. Click on the copy me symbol in the upper right corner of the widget.
  2. Now click on the + symbol in the upper left, among all the social media icons.
  3. Copy the embed code in the window, and paste it into the HTML of your site.

More Flexibility: The Yahoo Stock Ticker

Yahoo Finance is a respected source of financial news, and Softpedia provides a free stock ticker for your website. This is more robust than most free website stock tickers, offering many levels of customization.

Your first choice is what information you want displayed:

  • Quotes alone, in real-time updates
  • Quotes combined with graphic charts (a great way to make your website eye-catching)
  • Quotes, graphics, and up-to-the-minute news updates from the world of finance.

Once the information is selected (keep in mind that the more information you put on a website, the more screen area the stock ticker will occupy on your site) you can really get into the details of making the ticker match your page's style. You can decide if the news will show up as headlines, what kind of time range will be covered, how the symbols will display, and even match the color and theme of your site using a simple form on the Yahoo website.

The final step is simply to cut and paste the code into your website, usually along the sidebar. One trick that many bloggers use is to put the HTML code into the "sidebar" HTML so that the stock ticker will show up on every page of the site.

While stock information is certainly available in many forms and many places, placing a stock ticker on your own website can increase its value for the people who visit, and that means visitors will keep coming back not only for the stock info but also for your content.

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Free Website Stock Tickers