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A well-selected funny animated GIF can do wonders to spice up a dull website, and it can also be fun to share with friends. Not all websites offering GIFs are equal, but quality sites are available that give users a wide variety of image types. When browsing for images to use, be sure to look out for copyright issues and inappropriate content.

Ten Sites with Funny Animated GIFs

Many websites either specialize in funny images or dedicate a large portion of the site to them. The images can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from tiny icons to desktop wallpapers. While most animated GIFs on the following of sites are clean, some may contain some risqué images.

  • Hype Humor: This humor website has a section dedicated to funny GIFs, and most of the images are clean. The site includes a lot of sports images, cute animal pictures, movie clips, and funny bloopers of children and adults in various settings. Due to the strict copyright policy, you won't be able to use the site's pictures on your own website or modify them in any way.
  • Updated frequently, this is a good source for a daily dose of funny pictures contributed by other users. Although most of the images here are clean, a few inappropriate ones do exist. Some images are in the public domain and can be used freely, but others may require permission from the image's creator.
animated ant
  • Although this is not a site dedicated only to funny images, it does have a large collection that gets updated frequently. Images are often related to animals, pop culture, or creepy occurrences, and there's a search feature on the site as well.
  • Most of these animations are not of the laugh-out-loud joke category, but the majority are useful for spicing up a website. Some noteworthy categories include animated smileys, animals, and emotional computers. The website asks for users to link back to them if they use any of the images.
  • AbsolutePunk thread: Rather than being a dedicated animated GIF collection, this long forum thread contains a bunch of really good ones that you may not find elsewhere. Many images are from both animated and regular TV shows. Not surprisingly, there are also some borderline dirty images sprinkled in.
  • Updated on a daily basis, GIFbin lets users find funny images by performing a search, browsing tags, or using the random GIF feature. Some themes include nature, animals, bloopers, and sports. Most of the images are safe for the whole family.

Before You Use This Material

While it may be tempting to save some of the GIFs you find when visiting these sites to put on your own website, there are some things you should consider before doing so.

Copyright Issues

While a lot of what you see here are fun clips made by hobbyists not seeking a profit, some is copyrighted material that has been tweaked without the permission of the copyright holders. Some other content is free but requires a link to the original site. When looking for images, read the website to see if there's any fine print about image usage, and be wary of anything featuring known cartoon characters or anything emblazoned with a copyright "c", "tm," or any of the other legal symbols. Playing it safe can help prevent a potential lawsuit or monetary damages, especially if you're running any type of business or for-profit site.

Inappropriate Content

While much of the content you'll find consists of clean, entertaining images, not all GIFs will be family friendly and appropriate for everybody. This is especially true for websites that let users upload images. Although some websites may ban the posting of inappropriate images, nothing on the Web is certain. Even if you don't mind seeing these types of images, you should consider your website's audience before placing any inappropriate images on your own website. You should also check with your hosting provider because some may have policies against hosting inappropriate material.

Having Fun With GIFs

Whether you're interested in funny animals, sports bloopers, cartoon characters, or other silly images, you can use animated GIFs on your personal website, social networking page, forum signatures, and avatars. By selecting images that fit your website's audience and content and making sure you're not violating any copyright laws, you can have fun with GIFs without needing to worry about offending your website's visitors or dealing with any legal issues.

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