How Do I Put an RSS Feed on My Website?

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Putting an RSS feed on your website is a great way to keep you connected to your readers, clients and subscribers. Adding the feed is relatively simple, and can save you a lot of time in updating and promoting your content.

How to Put an RSS Feed on Your Website

To take full advantage of RSS, consider both publishing RSS feeds from your website, and displaying RSS feeds from other websites on your own site. While the process is not simple, by following the steps below, even non-programmers can accomplish both of these tasks.

Syndicating Your Own Website or Blog Content

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You only need to follow the steps below once in order to install RSS for your site by creating an RSS file. Once this file is created, issuing new content is very easy.

1. Create a text file that uses the format below. The purpose of the file is only to define the Title, Description, and Link related to the content on your web page.

<rss version="2.0">


<title>This is my Web Page</title>


<description> Read more to learn about my corporation that makes lots of little widgets for your pets! </description>



<title> This is my First Article </title>


<description> When you first buy a new puppy, always make sure to buy them a new soft chew toy to ensure that they have healthy teeth. </description>




There are a number of other descriptive tags, or specifications that you can use to describe your content, including publication date and copyright, if you wish.

2. Save the new file with an "xml" extension, such as "rss-feed.xml" and save the file on your root web directory.

3. Syndicate your RSS feed by providing an RSS image (you can copy/paste the image from any website with RSS) with the following tags:

<a href=""> <img border="0" src="rss/icon_rss.jpg" alt="rss for my website" width="36" height="14"></a>

Submit Your RSS Feed

Additionally, you can submit your RSS feed to the various RSS feed aggregators that distribute your updates to subscribers. The most popular ones include:

The examples above are only a very brief listing, searching for "Submit your Feed" will result in many more.

Displaying Content From an RSS Feed

The other side of RSS is the client side. The most popular method feed subscribers use to view RSS feeds is with an application called an "RSS reader." An RSS reader will collect all of the most recent updates to your subscribed feeds and present them to you in an organized format that's easy to scan. When you see one in particular you'd like to read, you click the link and the website opens up in a web browser, where you can read the content in its entirety.

Embedding Your Feed

Another solution is to embed those subscribed feeds into your own website so that your visitors can review the latest articles within those feeds right on your page.

  • RSS to Javascript scripts: Sites like Google's AJAX feed and Feed2JS offer an application that will convert the URL of any RSS feed into a snippet of Javascript code. When you place this Javascript within your HTML, it will display Feed updates directly on your web page.
  • RSS Widgets: An easy solution is to embed an RSS reader widget onto your web page. FeedWind allows you to add feeds from your favorite websites and give you the ability to filter the content. You can also visit Sanrio Town to convert a feed to a flash widget.

Publish Your Feed

Placing an RSS feed on your web page is an excellent method to keep your content fresh, and to draw in more traffic. Publish an RSS feed of your content today to start maximizing your site's potential.

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How Do I Put an RSS Feed on My Website?