How to Register Domain Names to Search Engines

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When considering how to register domain names to search engines, the primary concern for most website owners is traffic.

Even if you choose the perfect domain name and you completely build an aesthetically pleasing website, you may find that your domain remains ranked poorly within search results.

Learning How to Register Domain Names to Search Engines

According to, there are at least 1.3 billion indexed web pages as of 2013. With so many domains attempting to attract viewers, it's no wonder that new domains struggle so much for visitors.

A number of techniques exist to increase traffic. However, the initial step is also the one few people understand, how to effectively submit your domain to search engines.

Free Submission Services

Website submission services that register your domain for you are a cottage industry. A large variety of both free and paid services exist which promote your domain for you through mass search engine and web directory submissions.Some examples of free submission services include:

  • Submit Express - Submit Express submits your website to about 20 top search engines free. This site also provides a free meta tag generator for good placement on the engines that look at meta tags.
  • iNeedHits - iNeedHits is a free submission service that provides your domain to the top 20 engines. The free service is a teaser for the paid service that submits domains to over 300 engines.
  • DreamSubmit - DreamSubmit submits domains free to 25 to 50 of the major engines. This service is also a free sample to encourage customers to purchase the paid service that conducts over 1440 submissions of your website.

Paid Submission Services

Some examples of paid submission services include:

  • Discovery Website Submission - Discovery submits your domain to, allegedly, more than 750,000 search engines and directories. The submission process doesn't only include engines, but also classified ads, message boards, and other social networking websites.
  • SiteFlood - SiteFlood promises to "unleash your site's potential" by manually submitting your domain to the top 100 engines and directories. The owners of this service also promise to bookmark your domain in top social bookmarking websites. This is one of the more high priced services.

Registering Domain Names Yourself

In the early days of the Internet, the submission services listed above were useful. However, now that there are only about four major search engines that dominate the market, these services are no longer necessary. Additionally, smaller engines use the index (registered domain lists) of larger ones such as Yahoo or Google.

The Websites to Register Your Domain
Search Engine Registration URL
Google Register Here
Yahoo Register Here
MSN Register Here
DMOZ Add URL to Category

Submitting to these websites adds your URL to the list of web pages the search engine "crawlers" visit. Crawlers search your website for relevant information and then deliver that information to search engines.

While submitting your domain name gets the crawlers to visit your website, it still does not guarantee that your domain will make it anywhere near the top of search results.

Since the most popular engines receive thousands of domain submissions per day, simply submitting your domain to search engines will not accomplish much. For the submissions to be effective, you need to use focused techniques that will get your domain to the top of those results quickly. This is where optimization comes in.

Search Engine Optimization

The most effective optimization techniques include keyword optimization, high quality content, and incoming links.

There are a few critical tips to follow when you write content in order to signal to crawlers that your website should be rated highly.

  1. Make sure that keywords are placed close to the top of your webpage content.
  2. Place those keywords in your webpage title
  3. Fill in the meta description tag on your webpage
  4. List keywords in the meta keywords tag

In order to keep visitors on your website and coming back for more, make sure to provide frequently updated, high-quality content.Additionally, obtaining incoming links to your website quickly increases your search engine ranking. Google and other major engines consider links to your website as a "vote of confidence". Additional methods to increase your ranking are to produce quality content that links to other websites, and by submitting your domain to link directories.

Finally, spend some time writing articles related to your niche in which you provide one or two links to your domain. As your article proliferates across the Internet, so will your incoming link.

Domain Search Engine Campaign

When determining how to register domain names to search engines, the best method is to follow a well-rounded approach that includes all of the major techniques listed above.

Filling out submission forms on the major search engines is a critical first step, but to maximize the benefits of submitting your domain name to those websites, it's important to dedicate time every so often to making sure your domain ranking stays at the top of those search results.

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