Ideas for Designing a Web Page

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Finding ideas for designing a web page is as simple as figuring out how you want to convey the information you are including on your site. Locate a site or sites or a web page that is similar to yours and see if there is a design that you would like to use. Don't be shy about using different ideas from a number of sites to combine it onto yours. Below are some initial ideas you can use based on the type of site you are creating or updating.


With most ideas for designing a web page regarding personal sites, you want to keep it simple. Even though your friends and family are going to be viewing this site (in the case of photo albums or a personalized blog), you still want something attractive enough to keep them on your page. Use a WYSIWYG web page editor like Frontpage or Dreamweaver. You are going to want something that you can create in a minimal amount of time and that will allow you to update you website quickly.

Photo Album Website

Here are some ideas that you can use if you are creating a web page of photos:

  • Don't put too many photos on a single web page. Break them up into categories and have each category a separate web page.
  • Identify the pictures. Who, what, where, when, and any funny anecdotes about the picture.
  • Have a guestbook available so that people can leave comments. There are many gree guestbook sites available on the Internet. NetGuestbook is one guestbook site.

Blog Website

Blogs are a different breed of website, but there are a few ideas to keep people coming back to read:

  • Most blogs are text. Be sure to add relevant pictures throughout your blogs.
  • The average blog is around 300-400 words because people don't want spend a long time staring at their computer screen. Utilize white space to keep your blog text from overrunning itself.
  • Create a search area for your site. If you get those repeat readers, you may want to help them find information in your blogs easier. Google is a favorite addition to a web page.


Businesses need web pages that grab the surfer's or customer's attention immediately. This is where you can be a little flashy.

  • Have in introduction flash movie (less than a minute) about the history of your company, or something cool or different that you can offer. Make sure you give the user an option to Skip Intro.
  • If you are selling something that people can buy right of your page, then make sure the checkout process is smooth and easy. Invest in shopping cart software that can be very intuitive. Ecommerce Templates offers software than can be embedded in most major web page development suites and works with Google Checkout, Paypal, Worldpay, and many more.


Creating an entertainment website? The biggest idea you can get is to make sure your website loads as fast as possible. That means organizing media rich content intelligently so users to your site don't get frustrated.

  • With multiple pictures, start out with thumbnails and allows the user to click on the thumbnail if he or she wants a bigger picture.
  • Don't automatically play music when your web page loads up. Let the user choose whether to stream the music with an embedded media player.
  • The same goes for video as it does for music. Don't start playing videos without letting the user decide when to play it. If you don't this is a surefire way to drive people away from your web site.

Truly Stuck?

If you are absolutely stymied on finding ideas for designing a web page, then look no further than the millions of web pages ready for your perusal. Look for a web page that is similar to what you want to design and copy layouts or text basics. Do not plagiarize or rip off a website, but use it as a springboard for brainstorming your own ideas. There's nothing wrong with being humble enough to like someone else's website and wanting to duplicate some aspect of it.

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Ideas for Designing a Web Page