Keywords Ranking Analysis

Keywords Ranking Analysis

The science of keywords ranking analysis can be very complex. However, paying even a little attention to how it works can make a tremendous difference in the success of your website.

Keywords Ranking Analysis in a Nutshell

Simply put, keywords are the phrases, sentences, and words people use to search for content on the web. By putting the right keywords in the right places on your website, you can ensure that people will find your site more quickly and that you will be placed higher in search results on Google, Yahoo, and other major search engines.

In a perfect world, that's all there would be to it - you put the relevant words on your site, and people find them when they search. Unfortunately, with the plethora of websites and the desire of many to make a buck, the playing field is far from level. By using keywords ranking analysis, you can find the best way to not only make your web page show up at the top, but also leverage that knowledge into marketing your website.

The Joy of Google Adwords

There are entire books written on the subject of how analyzing Google data can give you the absolute best keywords for your site. However, Google has gone a step further in the use of "AdWords." These text-based ads are seen all over the web, in banners and sidebars and sometimes within the actual text of web articles. They work very well for all concerned:

  • The website creator will get a small profit from having adwords on the site
  • The person who purchased the ad in the first place will get a customer in contact with the product or service
  • The customer gets relevant results for their search

While Google AdWords can be quite complicated, there are also "automatic" tools for generating keywords (based on your website content) and also for bidding so that your ad will show only enough that it falls within your monthly budget. This is the best way to begin for newcomers to AdWords; the high-end keywords ranking analysis can come later.

How to Rank Your Keywords

Coming up with the best keywords for online advertising is not terribly difficult.

  • First, think about what your customers are likely to type into a browser if they were looking for a product like yours? If you solve a problem, provide a service, or contribute information, what are the problems or questions that would prompt them to find you? Brainstorming these ideas onto a piece of paper is the first step. Of course, remember that not everyone is as good at spelling as you are, so include common misspellings of the words.
  • Second, group them into phrases, since single words are usually too general for really good targeted advertising. You also might want to think about the "negative" words - words that should exclude your ad from appearing. The easiest example of this would be if you charge for your product - you wouldn't want it to appear in any searches that include the word "free" in them.

This is the most basic level of keyword analysis. Coming up with a viable list of words you think will work is the first part of the process.

The Long Process of Analysis

Unless you have a truly unique product, you will have to compete with other people who have also determined that these are the best words to advertise their product. In fact, the odds are that your first Google AdWords campaign won't actually be very successful. However, you can use the reports generated by Google to analyze the performance of various groups of keywords, and then slowly change to use the best keywords to draw people to your product. For example, If you find that "rubber shoelaces" is getting a lot of hits, but "novelty shoelaces" is not, you can decide to eliminate "novelty shoelaces" from your AdWords campaign, and instead perhaps add "Genuine Rubber Shoelaces" as an additional phrase that has been proven effective.

That is a vast simplification of the process of keyword analysis, but it's the basis from which everything else comes from - determining what will work best to get your message, your product, and your website in touch with the people who need it.

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Keywords Ranking Analysis