List of Middle School Websites

Timberlane Regional School

In this list of middle school websites, you'll see a sampling of some of the best and worst designed middle school websites on the Internet.

Timberland Middle School of Plaistow, NH has one of the most innovative and well designed websites. With a creative background, a full navigation bar on the left and even social networking and media content included on the site, it is clear this is one site designed by an experienced web designer.

Haddonfield Middle School

Haddonfield Middle School in New Jersey offers a fairly simple and straightforward website for students and teachers to learn more about the school.

Simple is somewhat of an understatement, as the site only has about six major sections. Each section uses the same basic template - but it seems part of the template is to utilize a blindingly bright and bold background and various font sizes and styles. Those are both design faux pas in the webmaster community.

Luther Jackson Middle School

The Luther Jackson Middle School in Falls Church, Virginia utilizes a sort of blogging theme which incorporates the web page content in the middle of the page, with each "post" circled by a red border, a navigational bar on the left, and quick links listed on the right side of the page.

The benefit of using a blog template for a school website is that the entire site is consistent. The downside is that the site is very plain, with very few features or captivating content.However for the purpose of providing information, the website gets the job done.

Innovation Middle School

Innovation Middle School lives up to its name with an innovative website. The main page features a fantastic photo gallery with a terrific transition between images. The right side of the page offers a variety of videos that parents can view to see what students are up to.

The bottom of the site provides a "Quicklinks" bar that visitors can use to quickly access other areas of the website. The top menu has a professional dropdown menu to dig deeper into the middle school's website. This school site is obviously written by a programmer that understands website programming.

Watertown Public Schools

The Watertown school system in Watertown, MA has one of the most cleanest website designs of them all. There isn't anything flashy to the site, but that's also why it works so well, because information is clearly defined and easy to find. The website covers all schools from the three Elementary schools up through Watertown High.

With a white background that's easy on the eyes, content in the center and the simple navigation bar on the right, and a spacious non-busy layout, this website is enjoyable to navigate and read through.

Nathan Eckstein Middle School

Nathan Eckstein Middle School in Seattle Washington has a website that is moderately designed. There are elements of the site that display quality, like the nice photo bar at the top of the page and the well organized navigation bar on the left.

The site falls somewhat short when you start digging through the navigation scheme. The main page uses a blogging template, with dated posts in the right content area. However all of the subsequent pages use various formats and information layouts that are not easy to read through because the layout isn't very well defined.

Tenafly Middle School

Tenafly Middle School in New Jersey utilizes a great, simple website template that utilizes a small area of the browser screen. This is a great method to allow for various screen resolutions so that the website views correctly for as many Internet visitors as possible.

Every page on the website utilizes the same template, so the site comes across as very professionally designed, clean, and wonderfully easy to navigate. The only downside of the design is that there are two navigation bars on top, which adds a bit of confusion during navigation.

Grassland Middle School

Grassland Middle School of Franklin, TN has one of those website designs that are most common for so many schools across the country. While the design sits on the border of appearing professionally done, there are small elements that hint the designer may not be a professional.

Those elements include multiple font sizes in the left navigation bar, lack of consistency of design throughout the pages of the website, and a lack of organization of the navigation menu itself.

The Girls Middle School

The Girls' Middle School is probably the most professionally designed website of all. Aside from the background that borders on being a little bit too busy, the quality of the image slideshow on the main page, combined with the well designed drop-down navigation bar at the top signals that the designer that created this page knew what they were doing.

Frances Richmond Middle School

Frances C. Richmond Middle school of Hannover, New Hampsire presents a mix of good and bad design examples. The site is laid out in a clear and easy manner and the content areas well formatted. Unfortunately the formatting uses outdated tables and frames.

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