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Nightmare Before Christmas Backgrounds

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Many fans of the cult classic Nightmare Before Christmas often search for Nightmare Before Christmas backgrounds to use on their websites, MySpace pages, and even as their computer desktop background.

Downloading Nightmare Before Christmas Backgrounds

The 1993 hit The Nightmare Before Christmas was based on the Tim Burton's novel featuring a surreal world filled with spooky imagery as well as some humor. The wonderful plot, breathtaking cinematography, and stunning imagery is the reason so many fans of this classic animation are always looking for great background themes that portray the same atmosphere and imagery as the movie itself.

Why Download Nightmare Before Christmas Backgrounds?

While many people choose to download Nightmare Before Christmas web page backgrounds for a particular season, such as Christmas or Halloween, the popularity and style of the cinematography for this film lends itself easily to general use. This is why many people also use these backgrounds at any time of the year on web pages, MySpace pages, and computer desktops.

When Walt Disney first released the film, they were somewhat concerned that it would be too scary for children. Because the general theme was so different than anything Disney had released before, the fear of turning of their "core audience" was a very large one. Once the film was released however, the response couldn't have been any better. Kids of every age loved the film, and parents had no issues with any of the imagery or "spookiness." The film ended up being a tremendous success.

Downloading The Backgrounds

Locating and downloading a Nightmare background is very easy. There are so many fans of the film on the Internet that the only difficulty is choosing which websites are the best ones to use as a source for your own background. Almost all of the best sources feature a multitude of choices and options.

How to Download a Background

When you find a background that you like, downloading it and installing it as your web page background is very simple.

1. After you find a background image that you like, download it to your computer.

2. Upload the image to a folder on your web host where images are stored, such as "/images".

3. If you prefer using CSS code to install the image as the background on your web page, use the following format:

''' body { background-image: url ("/images/nightbefore.gif"); background-position: center top; background-repeat: repeat-y; } '''

4. The older approach is still in use, although less people are using it now. This approach is to use straight HTML codes to install the background image as shown here:

<body background="/images/nightbefore.gif">

Where to Download the Backgrounds

Whether you prefer downloading a single background image and using it permanently on your website, or downloading several images and alternating depending on the season, or your mood, all of the sources below offer some of the best Nightmare Before Christmas backgrounds available anywhere. If you do plan to use several backgrounds, then download a few of the images found on these sites and keep them stored in your "images" folder on your web host. This way, when you want to change your background image, all you need to do is change the name of the file in the code and you're done!

The following websites offer some of the most popular Nightmare backgrounds available.

This collection of digital artwork by Robert Martin of Artwerker-Artwork & Designs includes an impressive array of wonderful images, graphics, and photos from the movie.

Disney a huge range of great options for your PC desktop background, MySpace theme, or web page background. These free graphics are offered in a few sizes that you can select to suit your particular needs.

AlphaCoders has a nice selection of wallpapers and backgrounds directly from the movie.

MovieWallpapers is a fantastic source of web page wallpapers that follow the Nightmare theme. These are all free, and also come in several sizes for you to choose from. is a fairly large site with a variety of movie-themed wallpapers, so even if you don't find specific themes for the Nightmare Before Christmas that suit your needs, the odds are good that you'll still find a Halloween or Christmas themed background that is exactly what you're looking for.

Some Final Words

Some animated films are so popular that it always remains at the top of the list for decorative items such as web page backgrounds. When a movie such as this one has such a loyal fan base, it's easy to see why there are so many sources across the internet that offer such a variety of choices when it comes to Nightmare website components. When you use the Nightmare theme for your desktop theme or your web page background, you can be certain that people will notice.

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Nightmare Before Christmas Backgrounds