Old English Fonts

Old English Fonts

Old English fonts are a great way to lend a classic feeling to a polished product, whether it's a PowerPoint presentation or a school play announcement. Finding the right font is just a few mouse-clicks away.

Where to Find

On the other hand, using the font for the title or header of your slides or presentation may give it exactly the right feel. It can add a robust gravitas to your message, and also brings a nostalgic feel to the message - many movies and fairy tales incorporate this kind of lettering, which puts people in mind of their childhood.

There are many places online to find these kinds of fonts, but it's best to follow some of the guidelines about free downloadable fonts. They boil down to "don't steal, and use trusted sources." Here are some examples to choose from:

  • DaFont - A perennial favorite of font fanatics, DaFont has delighted users for years with an exhaustive and clear breakdown of their font types, as well as clear directions on how to download them, and also ways to contribute directly to the font creators. Their old English style fonts are in the "Gothic-->Medieval" category, and feature both clear fonts like "Old London" as well as more stylized versions such as "Dirt 2 Soulstalker." With over twenty pages of fonts to select from, this is a very easy way to find a wide selection of fonts.
  • Urban Fonts - The collection of Old-English fonts at this site are more varied than the strict calligraphic style, with some that are modeled after Celtic and Viking-style lettering. They also have more cinematic styles, such as "Burtinomatic" (modeled after some of the lettering in Tim Burton's films).
  • FontSpace gives some of the benefits of social networking and tagging to members who register, including the ability to "favorite" certain fonts with a simple click of the mouse. Many of their calligraphic fonts are quite theatrical, such as "Rapscallion", a pirate style font by Ryan Splint. Even "degraded" fonts such as "Faith Collapsing" have special characters such as "@" and "$" included, though other special characters are not always included.

Best Selection

While there are many other places to find cool free fonts of all sorts, Old English and otherwise, the selection at these three is usually the greatest. Purchasing fonts is always an option as well, but unless you are using it for a commercial purpose and the right font isn't available, there's really no reason to shell out the cash. Old English fonts have transitioned from ink to pixel, and show no sign of fading.

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Old English Fonts