Ransom Note Font

ransom note font

A ransom note font is a unique way of expressing your message in a playful and non-threatening manner. Ransom note typefaces are characterized by their unique and eccentric designs, as each letter is different than the next. This is true of real life ransom notes, which attempt to mislead the reader and prevent them from recognizing someone's handwriting. These fonts are great for practical jokes, friendly pranks, and harmless stunts. Such fonts are implemented in a variety of advertising and marketing solutions to gain the reader's attention. There are a plethora of free and commercial ransom style fonts available.

Purpose of Fonts

A ransom note font is a design element that serves a specific purpose depending how it's implementated. The way in which we use fonts in print publications differ from online periodicals. Fonts are not universal. On the Internet, the end-user must have that font installed for it to appear correctly. For Ransom Notes and other less popular fonts, you may need to save the ransom note text as an image because you cannot embed fonts on regular HTML4 documents.

Keep the number of fonts you use in any given document limited to two or three, focusing on overall styles rather than fonts. Headings, body text, bylines, and other page elements should be uniform, using the same font for each element. For example, each ransom note should use the same font you download. Consider incorporating a Cascading Style Sheet to streamline the process of defining styles.

Font Formats

Fonts come in three different, but distinct, formats that differ in compatibility based on your operating system. PostScript, TrueType, and OpenType are the most common font formats on the Internet.


Adobe Systems invented the PostScript Type 1 font format in the early 1980s. The use of PostScript fonts is widespread today, after the technology improved over time. PostScript files come in two parts, one of which contains the font's outline for your printer. Operating systems older than Windows 2000 require third party software to handle PostScript fonts.


The TrueType font was a joint initiative between two of the world's largest operating systems, Apple Computing and Microsoft. TrueType fonts are one file and compatible with all versions of Windows and MacOS. The files are interchangeable, meaning they can be read on both systems. TrueType fonts are the most popular file types used by manufacturers.


OpenType is the newest font technology pioneered by Adobe Systems and Microsoft, offering advanced features for the power user. OpenType fonts can store more information than TrueType fonts, offering a capcity of 65,000 characters. This enables manufacturers to include a variety of styles (bold, underline, uppercase, drop caps, etc.) within the font.

Ransom Note Font

Downloading and Installing Fonts

A ransom note font is compatible with most versions of Microsoft Windows and MacOS. Once the fonts are purchased they are delivered in a downloadable font package. Save the file to your computer and uncompress the package if it is a ZIP archive. Some fonts include an installation utility but most fonts need to be installed manually.

Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7

  1. Close all open applications
  2. Access the Control Panel from the Start Menu
  3. Locate and open the Fonts settings panel
  4. Click File and Install New Font
  5. Locate and select your new font


  1. Close all open applications
  2. Open the folder that contains your font
  3. Access your System folder on the root of the hard disk
  4. Select Library and then Fonts
  5. Drag your new font the folder

Once the fonts are installed, restart your computer and begin using your new fonts instantly.

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Ransom Note Font