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Rebel Flag Background

Civil War Flags
Civil War Flags

Web designers are constantly in search of new and exciting background graphics, and there are few that are quite as emotionally powerful as the rebel flag. If you're interested in this controversial image, there are numerous places where you can find it.

What's a Rebel Flag Background?

Before and during the Civil War, as the southern Confederacy grew and more states left the Union, the new "country" wanted to establish it's Independence from the government. It did so by developing it's own flag. However, this turned out to be a somewhat painful process, as throughout the war the Confederacy couldn't settle on a final flag, even changing once more shortly before the war ended. However, the most famous Confederate flag today is the "Battle Flag," which is more commonly known today as the rebel flag. Today, the rebel flag remains one of the most popular web page and desktop backgrounds.

Where Can I Find These Backgrounds?

Because the confederate battle flag represents such different things for different people, and because the design remains one of the most popular backgrounds on the Internet, there are many websites that offer free rebel flag backgrounds. A few of the better ones are listed below.

  • My CoolChaser is a popular website where MySpace, Hi5, myYearbook and Yuwie users go for layouts. This site has 16 variations of the battle flag that you can use as a layout.
  • Powered Templates doesn't offer free templates, but the templates they do offer are detailed and impressive backgrounds and illustrations for PowerPoint presentations that you can customize with your own text or other content.
  • offers impressive wallpaper graphics that includes your choice of any one of the Confederate flags, including the Battle Flag, Bonnie Blue, Stars and Bars, Stainless Banner and the Last Confederate Flag - all in either 800 x 600 or 1024 x 768 resolution.
  • Rebel Flag and Banner has a free download of the battle flag for use as a background or wallpaper.
  • My Tiny Phone offers several pages of rebel flag graphics, including several of the Confederate flags and battle flag inspired images, all for use on your mobile phone.
  • 6th Regt. S.C.V. has several images of the 6th Regiments battle flag for free download and use.

The sites above are only a small sampling of the type of graphics you can find online if you're looking to add an image of this flag to your website, desktop or even your mobile phone.

What the Rebel Flag Represents

Unfortunately, due to the history of slavery that the Rebel flag is tied to, it represents different things for different people. For a very large segment of the U.S. population, the rebel flag represents a stance against authority. For many it represents a symbol of independence bordering on anarchy - a stance against government and the laws that it creates. For many bikers it represents an "in-your-face" sentiment of personal freedom and a statement against authority.

On the other hand, for a very large segment of the U.S. population, the rebel flag represents more than just an innocent "good-old-boy" Dukes of Hazard style emblem. It represents a philosophy, a cause and an entire group of people that weren't only fighting for independence from the Union - they were doing so in revolt against the Union's laws abolishing slavery. So, for many people, the rebel flag represents a statement in favor of slavery. That is why many people who see the rebel flag take great offense to it. If you do use it as a web page or desktop background, always keep this in mind and use discretion.

A Controversial Background

This confederate battle flag, with the crossed star design made famous by the Dukes of Hazard, still remains as one of the more controversial images in the United States. Southern legislative bodies have debated and enforced the removal of this flag from the flagpoles in front of the State Houses throughout the south, because of the rising tide and volume of protests. Many people still adorn their vehicles, clothes and even their websites with this controversial flag. If you choose to do so as well, just keep in mind that while the reaction from some of your visitors may be positive, expect to receive some fairly negative responses as well.

Rebel Flag Background