Shelley Allegro Free Fonts

Shelley Allegro Free Fonts

Like its sister font Shelley Volante, it would be nice to find a website with Shelley Allegro free fonts. The entire Shelley family is a great tool for lending elegance to a site; however, like many good things, it's hard to get for free.

Beware of Shelley Allegro Free Fonts!

Why should you avoid sites that boast free fonts? Because unless they are actually reputable font sources that give away free fonts as product samples, the odds are that they are actually trying to trick you into downloading viruses and other kinds of "malware". That's a worst-case scenario - however, the fact is that even in best cases the kinds of hits you get from Googling "Shelley Allegro free fonts" are just going to lead to pages with lots and lots of worthless ads and maybe, if you're lucky, a picture of the font, but no way to download it or any other font.

So Where Can You Get Shelley Allegro? has a great page that can give you the Shelley Allegro font for a fair price. It also comes in the following formats:

  • Mac and Windows: OpenType Postscript Flavor (in .otf format)
  • Macintosh PostScript
  • Windows TrueType and Postscript

Taking the time to pay for the font can assure you that you have picked the right one. Additional tools, such as the "waterfall" (pictured to the right) can let you see how the font translates into different sizes.

Right Font, Right Size, Right Message

Testing the font is an important part of picking out the right one. Shelley Allegro is a very curvy, serif font with a lot of flourish. It may not be the right font for your body of copy, or it might be the perfect header. Here are some elements to consider:

  • What other fonts are being used in the document? Are they complementary to the Shelley Allegro (i.e., sans serif to serif)?
  • Is your message readable using Shelley Allegro? This is where the "waterfall" and "sample text" tools on the website are key.
  • Do you have a need for bold, outlines, or other font effects? What about special characters? Make sure these are provided in the font package you purchase. Font packages, such as the one at Find Fonts, contains a full spectrum of special characters).
  • If you are planning on using the font in an application or website that may let other people acquire it, do you have a license for that? The fact that there are no Shelley Allegro free fonts is a good indication that the Linotype company (which owns the trademark for all Shelley fonts) is serious about their ownership.

Where to Use Shelley Allegro

Matthew Carter, the designer who produced all three Shelley variants in 1972, wanted an elegant formal feeling to the curling lines. He made all the lowercase letters the same for all three, and simply varied the capitals in each. When typed out, it gives an illusion of a fine calligraphic hand script, and is useful for things like fancy dinner invitations, marketing luxury items, or in general trying to convey a graceful, high-class message.

Installing Fonts

Because of the number of operating systems, installing fonts can be as easy as clicking on the downloaded font (which, on Macs, will install the font into FontBook) or require opening up Control Panels, selecting various tabs, and then locating the download location to install it. Your best bet is to consult your computer's "Help" files, or a website from the company that makes your operating system for the latest instructions, updates, and warnings concerning fonts. It can't be stressed too much that installing fonts that have been downloaded from non-trustworthy sites can be very damaging to your data; while free things are good, sometimes it's worth the money to pay for true quality.

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Shelley Allegro Free Fonts