How to Create a Photo Gallery Web Page on Picasa

Create a Picasa Gallery Web Page

There are a number of methods to use when you are wondering how to create a web page with a photo gallery. There are many free applications that will help you generate a photo gallery without programming knowledge. One of the most flexible and popular free applications is Google's Picasa. This slideshow will walk you through the process of using Picasa to create a photo album on your own website. The first step is to download and install the software.

Add Photos to Picasa

When you first load Picasa, there's a useful option to collect all photos from throughout your computer, or you can add them to Picasa yourself. Once they're added, they are displayed as shown here.

Add Photos to Web Album

When you right click on a photo or group of photos, you can select "add to album," and add those photos to a directory that will eventually become your web photo album.

Export to HTML

Once you've added all of the pictures that you want into your album, just right click on the album and select "Export as HTML Page..."

Configure the Photo Sizes

Next, select the preferred display size of the photos, the title of your web album page, and where you want to save the files on your PC that you'll eventually upload to your web host.

Configure the Web Page

Next, choose the template style for the web page that will display your photo gallery. There are six good designs, but luckily you can also customize your own page by writing XML code for the format if you wish.

FTP the Album to Your Website

Finally, FTP the files from your computer to your web host. For example, the user transferred album files to the web host using JavaFTP.

View Your Photo Gallery

Once the files are loaded, you can call the index.html file in that director to view your photo gallery. For example, in this photo the images were loaded to

Your Gallery is Live!

When the user selects an individual picture, it looks as shown here. All of the navigation and formatting code is automatically written for you, and your photo gallery is official online! Click here to learn more about making a photo web page.

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How to Create a Photo Gallery Web Page on Picasa