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How to Submit URL to Dogpile

Dogpile is one of the most popular "metasearch" engines on the Internet, and in order to submit URL to Dogpile, it's important that you understand how Dogpile works so you can have your site turn up high within its search results.

Dogpile searches draw from the highest ranked search results within the four major Internet search engines. These include Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft Live Search and Ask Jeeves.

By combining search results from multiple leading search engines, Dogpile tries to offer its visitors the opportunity to save time by viewing results from all four search engines in one place.

Sponsored Ads on Dogpile

In addition to providing the highest ranked search results from the largest search engines, Dogpile also provides results from "Sponsors." These are essentially advertisers at Google ads and Yahoo ads that match the search results as shown here.

A search for "sci-fi" brings up results from Google, Windows Live, Yahoo! Search and, but you can also see results from ads by Google and ads by Yahoo. In order to efficiently submit URL to Dogpile, you need to take this into account as well.

Submit Your URL to Google

Considering that Dogpile draws its top results from specific search engines, as well as specific Google and Yahoo ads, then in order to submit URL to Dogpile it's important that you cover all of the bases by submitting your website to those specific search engines. If you want top listings on Dogpile, it may be worthwhile to invest in purchasing Google and Yahoo ad space as well. The first site you'll want to add your URL to is Google, which you can do at the Google URL submission page linked at the end of this slideshow.

Submit Your URL to Yahoo

The next step is to submit your website to Yahoo Search. You can do this at the Yahoo URL submission page for websites (see link at the end of this slideshow). Submitting your URL with Yahoo notifies the Yahoo "crawler" software to extract your website pages and display results from those pages. When Yahoo displays your website URL, this in turn displays your website on Dogpile search results.

Submit Your URL to Bing

Microsoft Live Search is now known as "Bing." The Bing search engine is now in direct competition with Google and Yahoo, however Dogpile offers Internet travelers results from all of them. If you hope to rank highly in Dogpile, it's important that you submit your URL to Bing's URL submission page (link at the end of this slideshow). This submission page only requires the URL of your homepage, and you need to enter human-readable characters and then click "Submit URL."

Submit Your URL to

The last major search engine that you'll need to submit your site to is Ask uses a different method than the other search engines for URL submissions. Instead of providing a form, they ask web developers to submit a completed sitemap to by typing the following string in the web browser: URL of your sitemap here.xml

If you're not sure how to go about putting together a sitemap yourself, try out the CoffeeCup HTML Editor, which offers a "SiteMapper Creator" that creates your sitemap for you.

Pay for Google Ads for your Site

For most people, simply submitting your URL to the four major search engines will be enough for your website to show up in Dogpile Search results. However, if you want to increase your chances for showing up higher in Dogpile search results, you may want to consider paying for advertising on Google Adwords.

Pay for Yahoo Ads for your Site

Another place to pay for advertising if you want your URL to show up in Dogpile is on Yahoo! Search Marketing. While many people think paying for advertising on search engines is expensive, it really isn't, considering the volume of traffic that you can achieve much faster than if you only submit your URL to search engines using the free forms. Yahoo Search Marketing places your website URL much higher in the search results, which in turn moves your Dogpile search results higher as well.

Watch Your URL Rise on Dogpile

Even if you only use the free submission approach, your website will quickly rise to the top at Dogpile. For example, Sci-Fi LoveToKnow is already listed on the 3rd page above IGN and even Amazon.

Links for all of the submission pages listed in this slideshow:

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