12 Days of Christmas Graphics

Charlie R. Claywell
12 Days of Christmas graphic
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Graphic images illustrating the whimsical and popular 12 Days of Christmas song can be a great addition to your website or holiday craft projects for the holiday season. The free clip art images provided here can be used on your website, featured in a blog post or used to create holiday cards, invitations or even for Christmas crafts. Add some holiday cheer to your seasonal projects with these patterns and templates!

12 Days of Christmas Clip Art

Use any of the clip art in the table below on your website. To access the images, click on the image you wish to use. This will take you to a larger version on the image. Once the larger image loads, right click on the image and save it to your desktop. You will then need to upload it to your own website. to

partridge in a pear tree
two turtle doves

Day 1
Partridge in a pear tree clip art

Day 2
Two turtle doves template
three french hens
Day 3
Three French hens graphic
four calling birds
Day 4
Four calling birds pattern
five golden rings
six geese a laying
Day 5
Five golden rings image
Day 6
Six geese a laying template
seven swans a swimming
eight maids a milking

Day 7
Seven swans a swimming pattern

Day 8
Eight maids a milking image
nine ladies dancing
ten lords a leaping
Day 9
Nine ladies dancing graphic
Day 10
Ten lords a leaping clip art
eleven pipers piping
twelve drummers drumming
Day 11
11 pipers piping image
Day 12
12 drummers drumming clip art

Show the Spirit of the Season

Whether you celebrate the '12 days' in the traditional way or not, there are many great uses for 12 Days of Christmas graphics for both print and digital projects. Whatever way you use the graphics, remember the spirit behind the song - that everyone should receive a gift at Christmas and sometimes the simplest things in life make the best present.

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12 Days of Christmas Graphics