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Many web designers sometimes choose to create their own web hosting service on their own server. There are various services a web hosting programmer can configure on their server, and one of those may be to configure undetectable proxys.

Why Configure Undetectable Proxys

While there are plenty of unsavory reasons many people decide to set up an undetectable proxy, there are just as many legitimate reasons. There are many countries and organizations around the world that seek to limit and censor information. Web hosts who set up undetectable proxy servers are, in many ways, freedom fighters in a battle to maintain an open Internet and the free exchange of information and knowledge.

Elements of an Undetectable Proxy

When a programmer configures a server as "undetectable," the reality is that they are attempting to make the server appear as a regular web server, not a proxy website. If a network admin recognizes that the server the network users are visiting on the Internet is a proxy server, they are likely to ban the IP address of that server so that the network users can't access it. Also, when forum administrators ban users, they typically ban an IP address. Many people who get banned from forums seek out proxy servers so that they can make it appear that they are coming from a different IP. Therefore, network administrators and forum administrators are the two groups of people that programmers configure undetectable proxy servers to "hide" from.

The following factors are what server programmers use to configure an undetectable proxy server.

  • There are a number of applications that you can install on a computer that's connected to the Internet in order to turn it into a "proxy server." This is the very first and most important step in configuring an undetectable proxy because before you can make your proxy web server invisible to administrators, it needs to be set up and working properly. There's a variety of proxy server software that you can use for this purpose, such as:
  • When you create a domain where people can go to access your proxy server, make it something that has nothing to do with its true function. For example, if you set up a proxy server that's accessed at "FreeHomeworkHelp.com," your server is far less likely to get recognized by administrators as a site that should be blocked.
  • Avoid using a web host. While you can set up a PHP or CGI proxy script on paid web hosts that allow it, most web hosts don't want users configuring proxy scripts on their servers for security reasons. It's far more efficient, and easier to configure the server to be undetectable, if you install the proxy server on your own computer that you have full control over.
  • When you configure subdirectories for proxy traffic, such as customized login pages (so that only people you allow can use your proxy, make sure to name those subfolders anything that doesn't have the word "proxy" in it. Most websense filters and most government censorship filters specifically block traffic to and from any server that serves pages where any part of the link has the word "proxy" in it.
  • Create a web server that redirects visitors to a different proxy each time. You can configure your proxy server using several domain names so that administrators won't become curious when there's so much traffic to one domain. If you install web server software on your server, you can create a simple website that randomly redirects visitors to one of those several domains, linking to the same proxy server.
  • Create a web server that redirects visitors to different proxy servers. One of the easiest ways administrators and governments block the use of proxy servers is by banning the IP of the server itself. If you set up several servers at several different locations and Internet connections, you can have your central web server redirect people randomly to a different IP address, reducing the risk that administrators will identify every IP that's a proxy server.

Final Words

While there are a lot of students and workers on the web who are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to bypass a school or work firewall with a proxy, the instructions above should not be used for such a purpose. Proxies are legitimate for people living under overly restrictive governments or within networks that are too tightly controlled. On the other hand, trying to use proxy servers from your work or school to access sites that you shouldn't be accessing at work or school is a sure fire way to get fired or kicked out of school. Always use caution when you decide to set up and use your own proxy server, and be sure that your motives are good ones.

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