Valentine Clipart

Valentines Day Clipart

Love is in the air and people are rushing to show their love by through a variety of symbols as well as dedicating a web page to someone special. This is where Valentine clipart becomes important.

Download Valentine Clipart

The graphics below are cute additions to any of your Valentine needs. To download them, simply right click and save to your computer. Once you've saved the graphics under a memorable name, you can then use them in your preferred computer program.

Valentine Clip Art 8 love
Download Love Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 7 heart arrow
Download Arrow Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 6 kiss
Download Kiss Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 5 candy heart
Download Candy Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 4 heart
Download Heart Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 3 chocolates
Download Chocolates Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 2 rose
Download Rose Clipart
Valentine Clip Art 1 cupid
Download Hearts Clipart

Other Options for Free Clipart

With the Internet being the treasure trove of information it is, it is no wonder you can find Valentine clipart in mass amounts all over the web.

  • Valentine Clipart is a site dedicated to nothing but Valentine's Day images. If you're looking for images with a romantic slant like roses, hearts and cupids, then look here. You can also find flowers, candy and even doves!
  • Webweaver offers many free images you can use for personal needs. You just need to link back to their website.
  • Clipart for Valentine's Day, from Parenting Portal, is a lovely resource for some very nice clipart. The clipart found here is free to use for personal use. The site also includes some resources for "love day" ideas for greeting cards and other crafts.
  • Make your Valentine's Day website, Facebook or blog page come to life by using the free Valentine's Day animated GIFs that you can find on FG-A. These images are free to use and display on banners, your website or wherever else you like, as long as you give credit where credit is due.

Always follow the link through to the referencing website to learn about the licensing protocol.

Where to Use Your Clipart

Valentine images are useful for a myriad of things:

  • If you have someone special in your life, why not create a web page for that person? Create your own using Microsoft Frontpage or one of a dozen other web design programs. Find the image or images you want, right click and select "save as" from the drop-down menu. You can usually drag and drop the images right into your web page, or click on the image file tab in the software package. Then you can manipulate the image however you like.
  • Valentine clipart is perfect for making greeting cards. If you use Microsoft Word, there are templates included for greeting cards, and there is even a menu tab to add more clipart.
  • Perhaps you have a need for a fundraising poster and you want to spice it up. Valentine images aren't always about Cupid and candy hearts, so there are several suitable images to use for these types of posters.
  • Love coupons are a great way to let someone who you love know that you care! Many word processing programs and greeting card software also includes templates for such coupons.
  • There are many crafting ideas that you can find online, or come up fresh new ideas yourself to put these graphics to good use.
  • Want to show your best friend how you feel? Make them a collage poster! Take several pictures of yourself, make color copies, and then cut them out and paste them to a sheet of paper. Print out suitable Valentine images and do the same. Once you have the design you like, you can glue them in place and make a final color copy.

Endless Options

With clipart you can make any craft or project come to life. Free clipart saves you money and the hassle of creating something new. Then you have more time to snuggle with your loved ones on this special Valentine's holiday!

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