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Web Page Newsletter Templates

Web Page Newsletter Templates

One of the essential tools for any online business is a good selection of web page newsletter templates to use when keeping customers informed. Selecting the right kind of template is important because it's a reflection of your business identity.

5 Important Parts of Web Page Newsletter Templates

Every newsletter is, and should be, different - just as your business needs to establish its own brand, so should your own web presence be a unique flavor among all the other web page newsletter templates out there. That being said, there are elements that you should include in order to give your newsletter a professional and consistent feel.

  1. Logos and Branding - Does your business have a catchy slogan or an image that is always associated with it? It needs to be on your newsletter template, too, usually either at the top left, center, or right. If you have a slogan or a catchphrase, that should also be in the newsletter template. Remember, since this is a web newsletter, all images should have "alt" tags associated with them.
  2. Typographic Design - It's not enough to just put up some text on a page - people associate a certain kind of layout with the idea of a "newsletter," so you should take the time to pick out an appropriate font style for headlines, bylines, picture captions, etc. Thankfully, this is easy to do using CSS and other web 2.0 tools.
  3. Contact Information - The whole point of a newsletter is to inform people about what your business is doing so that they will want to contact you. Make sure that you have, in several places, ways for them to contact you. A very easy place for this is in the "footer" of the newsletter - and since it's a template, you can do it once and not have to do it again. A good practice is not only to have the contact information in text format, but also link the logo mentioned in #1 with your main website.
  4. Social Media Tools - Social networking has become an essential tool for any business. Your web newsletter will go a lot further if you make it easy for people to share. Include little icons and links to share your pride and joy via things like Twitter, Digg, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.
  5. Content - By far, the hardest thing to have - and the thing that at first seems like it can't be in a template - is original, interesting content. The newsletter has to be more than just a marketing ploy - it needs to have actual news about your business. One way to make it easier to both create a newsletter template and to come up with content is to develop consistent sections. For example, a section devoted to "Employee of the Month," or "Message from our President." Once the newsletter gets an audience, invite people to write in questions that are answered in the newsletter. That kind of two-way communication is what makes people look forward to reading and sharing your newsletter.

Where to Find Newsletter Templates

Because they are a common need of many businesses and groups, it's easy to find sources for newsletter templates.

  • Many web design programs such as Dreamweaver include a selection of templates for your web newsletter. An advantage of these are that they use CSS and the latest coding techniques, but have a WYSIWYG interface for you to work with.
  • Online, there are sites such as Templates Box that offer both free and paid template designs. You can see all the elements in the designs and they provide some additional ideas as well, such as "business tips" and "free downloads."
  • You can also hire a professional designer, or use a site such as MoonFruit to create your own unique vision. While this is usually not free, using trained and experienced artists to create your newsletter will usually guarantee a good product. Make sure you carefully review their portfolios, and go with the person who feels the best fit with your business.
Web Page Newsletter Templates