Website Design Awards

Website Design Awards

Nearly every career field that you enter has some sort of recognition attached to it, and website design awards are no different.

What Makes a Website Deserving of an Award?

In the early days of HTML websites were incredibly basic. It was not uncommon just throw up a few static web pages with some awful looking color scheme and oversized text. Graphics weren't all that great either, and adding MIDI sound files was the height of multimedia content. HTML and designing web content for the Internet has grown by leaps and bounds in a very short period time. Java scripting and CGI code gave way to flash website designing. MIDI's have fallen by the wayside for MP3, and now "multimedia" is genuinely multimedia, with streaming audio and video feeds, constantly updating RSS feeds and the like.

Website design awards are for those websites and their designers that push the boundaries of conventional thinking. They prove that they are capable of thinking outside the box that is your computer screen, and can bring content that is engaging and interesting. Any website that is able to use the latest advances like Cascading StyleSheets, FLASH and XTHML are all possible winners. When you are able to combine analytical programming with the best in graphic design, you have a formula for a winning website.

Website Design Awards and Some of Their Winners

Designers look at website design awards as a means to further promote their work as well as their business endeavors. Cross linking from sites that are heavily traveled is a great way to get websites ranked higher in the search engines. Others just like to display the awards on their pages so they can feel more accomplished in their work on a personal level.

The following list represents some of the larger awards and their winners. If you're a designer, then why not take a look and see if your site compares to them in style and complexity. Then enter if you think you stand a chance.

What Does the Award Mean to Your Visitors

There are many designers that think about entering their site for an award, then decide it doesn't really do anything for them. However, if you walk by a restaurant, are you more likely to walk in if they've won an award for either food quality or cleanliness then one that hasn't? The same theory applies to websites - especially those that sell products and services. If you're a web designer your career rests on your customers and they're drawn to award winners before other sites.

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Website Design Awards