How to Keep Up With Web Design Trends

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Web design trends change each year as new technology and coding tricks emerge or fall out of favor. A professional web designer needs to be know what's trending to create the best possible site for their clients.

Check Portfolio and Awards Sites

There are several websites that serve as portfolio and curation sites for some of the top website designers and agencies in the world. These are great places to spend some time scrolling through the collections to get an idea of the latest design trends.


Awwards' goal is to create a space for designers to view each other's work and give awards. You can search through thousands of sites by awards won, technology used, primary colors, business category, tags and country.


Web designers can "show and tell" their work on Dribble and engage in a community of other designers that includes local meetups. Many designers use Dribble as a way to not only showcase and discuss their work but also to find new clients.


This is a community site for designers and developers to post their work and share coding and design tips and tricks with each other. There are daily posts of not only websites but apps and items you can use in your own sites.


Creative Bloq posts daily inspirations for not only web designers but also graphic designers, photographers, illustrators and animators. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get email notices of new content.


This is a portfolio site for designers that serves as both a way to promote your own work and find clients as well as view the work of your colleagues. The site features the work of web, graphic and UI/UX designers, photographers and animators. You can also create a free account to follow favorite designers, "like" their work and create your own portfolio.

One Page Love

One-page websites have become very popular and One Page Love presents some of the best for inspiration. You can also download both free and premium templates and subscribe to their newsletter and RSS feed.

Visit Web Design Blogs

There are several high-quality blogs and magazine sites for web designers. Some of the best you can read and subscribe to for free are:

Smashing Magazine

This popular magazine site has informative articles on web design and development, educational events, and a regular email newsletter.


An invaluable blog, Codrops is filled with articles and tutorials on techniques and trends. You can subscribe via email or RSS.

Web Designer Depot

Web Designer Depot is a magazine site that includes the latest information on design trends, social media accounts to follow for inspiration and new technology. There are also "freebies" for download such as icons, textures and fonts.

A List Apart

This is highly influential blog is a "must read" for designers. It covers all the latest news on typography, accessibility, UI/UX and more. You can subscribe via RSS and email.

Join Web Design Forums

Web design forums are a perfect place to learn about trends as well as the pros and cons of new technologies and styles. Forums can be found on regular bulletin board websites, Facebook groups and social networking sites such as Reddit. There are numerous forums, with ones for almost every niche. Some of the best are:

Sign Up for Newsletters

Another excellent way to find trends is to sign up for regular free email newsletters. Many of the top blogs have newsletters featuring their posted articles. Some top choices to subscribe to are:


The email digest from Muzli comes out once a week and curates top web designs for you. You can also use their free tool for Chrome and Safari browsers to learn about new sites and tips.


In addition to covering content on web design trends and challenges, you can also use Designmodo's marketplace to find frameworks, themes, icons and more. Their newsletter is emailed monthly.

Visit Pinterest

Visiting Pinterest regularly and searching for "web design" can yield an impressive amount of information on the newest trends as well great design inspiration. Create a free account and set up your own boards by niche and topic to curate the best trend ideas for your web design business.

Keeping Up With Web Design Trends

These are just a few ideas on the many resources available on the internet. If you have the ability to travel, consider also attending web design conferences, local meetups and professional association gatherings.

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How to Keep Up With Web Design Trends