10 Useful HTML Widgets for Your Website

Time Widget

HTML widgets are bits of code you can add to your site for some added flair. There's a wide variety of widgets to choose from, both free and paid.

Design Maz Calendar Widgets

There are several free calendars you can download from Design Maz. The responsive calendar displays both a traditional clock face and a monthly calendar side by side which you can customize if you have CSS code knowledge. The flat calendar with event widget has a lovely color gradient design. The widget is three columns with the first displaying reminders and events, the second showing a monthly calendar, and the third a digital clock. Check out the five other designs for your websites as well.

CDC Widgets

If you have a health website, the Centers for Disease Control has some free informative widgets you can add right into your site. The Adult Body Mass Index Calculator lets visitors to your site input their height and weight to get an instant calculation of their BMI. They also have one for children and teens BMI. There are widgets for simple health tips, health image of the day, and widgets for specific diseases. The widgets are all professional-looking and would make a nice touch to a site dedicated to wellness.

Multi Purpose Financial Widget

This free widget provides a series of converters and calculators that would be useful on any type of financial website. Converters include units and currency and calculators include mortgages, loan comparisons, and several more. The calculations all are all done within the widget's script which means users can make them while staying on your site. This is a helpful addition to using free website stock widgets.

Embed Your Feelings

This free widget made by HappyGrumpy collects information from your Twitter activity and makes a small widget that displays your current feelings along with a tag cloud, emoji, and a "GrumpMeter." This can be a fun widget to use on a personal blog or website to make a statement about the site owner.

Google and YouTube Search Boxes

WidgetRanch provides two free search box widgets. One is for Google and the other is for YouTube. The widgets have a very simple look and you can do a bit of customization with the options provided on the site as editing the border, widget width and background color. Someone with experience in CSS may be able to customize them further but they're easy to use if you know nothing about code.

GetSiteControl Business Widgets

This suite of widgets is a great option for any business site. It is free for one site with no more than 50,000 views per month. Otherwise it's around $19 per month per site up to 50,000 monthly views, or about $29 per month with unlimited views. There are seven professional widgets in the collection including a subscribe box for newsletters, a contact form, a promotional widget for sales and events, and social media and live chat widgets.

Twitter Timeline Display

You can embed several widgets from Twitter for free to display your Twitter timeline on your blog or website. Options for display include linear, collections of photos, profile, and search. While you do not need to know code to do these as Twitter gives detailed instructions, the process is a bit involved and a novice may find themselves a bit intimidated. There are forums however on the Twitter site for developers where you can go for help if you are having trouble installing these widgets.

PhotoSnack Slideshow

PhotoSnack allows you to embed a photo slideshow on your site using photos from your accounts on Facebook, Flickr, and Instagram. You can also upload photos directly to make an album just for your website. The slideshows are mobile-friendly and easy to set up. You can use PhotoSnack for free for up to 15 photos per album with no more than 10,000 views per day. If you want the premium level of service with more photos, albums, and features, it's about $8/month for their Pro Plan, close to $24 for their Snack VIP plan and around $48 for their Snack Business plan.

Weather Widget Options

The best weather widgets are ones that are free and easy to use. You might want one that shows radar images or just a basic forecast for the area selected.

Free Clock Widgets

Free clock widgets are handy to include on both blogs and professional business websites. Designs range from digital to analog styles and may highlight the geographical location of time zone as well.

Finding HMTL Widgets

There are many fun and informative widgets available online for your website. Check out social media widgets or blogger widgets to add to your page to spice things up.

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