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The most common form of the Internet meme is a viral image that different users caption or alter in funny ways. People can also submit brand new images that spark brand new memes too, spreading them via social media, blogging and online communities like Reddit. While it is certainly possible to edit and alter a meme image of your own through image-based software like Photoshop and Microsoft Paint, utilizing special meme generators on the Internet can be far more convenient.

Sites for Creating Your Own Meme

Most online meme creation tools share the same fundamental set of features. They are mostly designed to make it easy to add funny captions to new or pre-existing images. The resulting meme images can then be saved and shared over the Internet. Some of the best free meme generators include:

1. Imgur

Imgur is already known as a very popular image sharing website, but it also has a built-in meme generator called memegen. Given the popularity of the site, memegen features a gigantic library of meme images that you can use, including the ability to choose your meme through a drop-down selection menu. You can also create an entirely new meme by uploading your own image.

  • The in-browser user interface makes it easy to add both upper and lower caption text.
  • The resulting image can be instantly submitted to the public memes gallery.

Review Information: Gizmodo calls Imgur the Internet's "favorite online image hosting service" and describes the meme generator as the "greatest thing to ever happen to Imgur."

2. Memecrunch

The Memecrunch Generator provides a large library of popular meme images that you can choose. These are organized under tabs like Hot, Popular and New, but you can search through the images using key terms too. This is how you will find viral memes like Annoyed Picard, Futurama Fry, Grumpy Cat, and The Most Interesting Man in the World. Alternatively, you can upload a custom image.

  • After selecting your image, you can add captions to the top, bottom or both, though the location of the text is pre-determined.
  • There are options for the text to be in all-caps and you can increase or decrease the font size.
  • The 'up vote' and ' down vote' system adds a sense of community to the site.
  • Memecrunch is also available as an app for iPhone, iPad, Android and Mac.

Review Information: The app was called the "most fun you will have on your iPad" by Make Use Of.

3. Memeful

An alternative meme generator on the go, Memeful is offered as an app for Android smartphones and tablets. It is a lightweight app that should run on even less powerful hardware. As with other meme creators, you can also upload your own image to create a brand new meme.

  • The free meme library updates regularly over the air to provide more images and options.
  • Memeful comes with strong social integration for ease of sharing through Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Review Information: Memeful was recommended by popular humor site 9GAG. There is also a web-based version of Memeful.

4. Imgflip

Unlike many other meme generators that are limited only to captions and only to certain locations on the image, the Imgflip Meme Generator offers much more flexibility. It defaults to having a top text box and/or a bottom text box, but you can add and move more text boxes if you'd like.

Other features include the ability to:

  • Change the font
  • Change the size of the outline
  • Add or remove text shadows, draw on the image
  • Insert additional images
  • Choose to keep your generated meme private.

With these features, you have much more control over the look of your meme than with some other sites, and it can be much more complex if you'd like.

Review Information: MySheCave recommends Imgflip for creating your own meme.

5. Quickmeme

The meme creation tool on Quickmeme is accessed by clicking on the "caption a meme" button near the top of the site. From here, you will be able to select from a gallery of popular meme images or you can upload your own image to caption.

  • You will need to login with Facebook in order to use Quickmeme, but this comes with the added benefit of being able to "upload a funny" and contribute to the greater Quickmeme community.
  • The main part of the site publishes some funny images from around the web and those submitted by Quickmeme users.

Review Information: Quickmeme was named as the top free online meme maker tool by Road To Blogging.

6. Meme Center

Like Quickmeme, the Meme Center website is more social in its approach than some other meme generator sites. Like a blog, it is updated regularly with funny images submitted by users of the site or shared from elsewhere on the web. You can then like or comment on these posts too. In creating your own meme image, you are offered three different utilities.

  • Memebuilder is the most robust option with features that rival standalone image editors, allowing you to move the picture, change its size, draw on it, erase portions, add polygons, adjust your text and much more.
  • The simple Quickmeme (unrelated to above) is far more lightweight in its approach, allowing you to choose the font, text size and alignment.
  • The most unique utility is the GIF Maker, which lets you create animated GIFs. These can be created from videos or edited from the image library.

Review Information: Killer Startups calls Meme Center the "perfect website for all your meme making needs."

7. Meme Dad

One of the biggest appeals to Meme Dad over other meme generators is that the resulting meme images do not have any watermarks or advertisements. This allows your creations to be wholly your own without any Meme Dad branding.

  • At its more basic level, you can choose from the library of memes or upload your own image, proceeding to add top and/or bottom text and adjust the relative font size.
  • The more advanced options let you choose the actual font, as well as provide the hex color codes for the caption fill and caption outline, as well as the stroke width.
  • Meme Dad also supports animated GIFs.
  • Once a meme is created, a handy "Post to Reddit" button is displayed for sharing on that social network.

Ironically enough, Meme Dad was born from a meme itself and was created after Quickmeme was banned from Reddit. This "meta-meme" status gives Meme Dad a special place in the history of online memes.

Review Information: Memedad is included in Mashable's list of the "6 Best Tools for Making Memes".

8. iMeme

While the other meme creation tools on this list are primarily web-based, some users may find value in having software locally installed on their computer for offline use too. This may also aid in improving privacy if this is important to you. For these users, iMeme could be a good option.

  • Available for both Windows and Mac OS X, iMeme comes pre-loaded with over 100 templates, as well as options for fonts, text alignment, and text size.
  • Once ready, iMeme allows you to automatically upload your creation to Imgur or post it on Reddit.

Review Information: CNET editors give iMeme an excellent rating, saying it sets up quickly and runs smoothly.

Share Your Viral Funnies

It is now easier than ever to create your own humorous pictures with all the different meme generators on the web. All of the ones listed here are completely free to use and many of them come with great social media integration for ease of sharing on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit, Pinterest and more. Your next submission could just go viral!

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