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Infographics can break down information for sit visitors or be used as a promotional tool for your business. If you aren't savvy with tools like PhotoShop, you can still create infographics using online infographic creation tools and a bit of creativity.

Eight Tools to Make Your Own Infographics

1. Piktochart

Piktochart is an online infographic creation tool that is used by Harvard University, Red Bull and General Electric. Even a beginner can easily use this online software. You simply drag and drop information, images and text into the charts.

  • The site offers more than 100 templates, which they call 'professional themes'. One of the interesting things about this site is that they will allow you view the themes they offer to see if they meet your needs before you sign up.
  • In addition to the templates, the site also offers more than 2,000 graphics to highlight different points in your presentation.
  • You can also share your infographic on social media with a click or two.

Pricing: Piktochart offers a free two-week trial so you can see if this infographic creator is best for your needs. After that, you can pay monthly ($29/month), quarterly ($22/month), or annually ($14/month). The site also offers a plan for non-profits for only $39.99 per year. Schools can purchase packages that will cover students for only $3/month per student. There is a minimum requirement of at least 20 students to quality for this plan.

2. is an interesting model that is a bit different than other infographic software. It is more of a way to collaborate with people who can help you put an infographic together. You post your project and can connect with journalists, graphic artists, animators and developers. By utilizing the services of these people, you can create a unique infographic that is far from a cookie cutter one.

  • You decide how much of the project you want to do on your own and how much you want to outsource.
  • No design experience is needed with this software as it is very basic.
  • You can search through infographics already uploaded as well.
  • It features a viewer, so you can see how your infographic will appear on Twitter.

Pricing: Fees vary, depending on whether you hire a designer or do your own work. Signing up for an account is free, but you will have to pay out whatever fees people charge to work on your project unless you plan to do all the work yourself. You can create part of the project yourself and utilize others for portions of it or hire out all parts of the infographic. You can also visit the "Labs" for free to create your own infographic.


If you like the idea of creating a 'personal visualization' of your biggest accomplishments, you can do just that with - a website that allows you to create an infographic of your resume. The site is useful for job seekers and recent college graduates who want to get their resume out to potential employers in a creative way, as well as for small business owners who want to highlight their skills. The site is very easy to use. It is also friendly for sharing via most social media sites, so you can easily get more attention if you are trying to grow your business or build your brand as a job seeker.

  • If you already have a LinkedIn account, you can sign in with that and the site will automatically grab information from your LinkedIn profile and create a basic visualization for you.
  • You can then customize it with a different theme and by choosing which information to include and which to exclude.
  • The site is simple to navigate and your infographic can be changed with a click of the mouse.
  • You can share your finished infographic on social media, save or store the infographic.

Pricing: This site is free to use.

4. is an infographic generator that will create simple images of one point or more advanced infographics with data from several areas of a topic. Although the program is still considered to be in beta mode, it is fully functioning. Even someone with very little technical skill should be able to create a basic infographic with this online designer.

  • You will need to sign up for a free account to start making infographics.
  • Once you are logged in, there is a large blue box on the landing page that says "Get Started". Click on this box and follow the simple prompts to create your visual.
  • Everything is drag and drop and clearly marked. For example, you'll be told to "grab a theme" or "add an object".
  • You can also upload your own custom files if you have images or other items you want to add.
  • You can view more than 466,571 created by others to get inspiration for your own infographics.

Pricing: is free to use.

5. is known for being the first online tool that embeds videos into an infographic. This allows you to create a device that is a truly interactive experience for readers.

  • The site offers the ability to make more than 30 different types of charts, including tree maps, pie charts and bubble charts.
  • One of the best features of this tool is that there is a built-in spread sheet. You can upload your data, but then if you see a mistake you can quickly edit it on the fly.
  • You can share, embed or download the finished result. There are no design skills needed, but you will need to understand the importance of layout and white space to get a finished item that is visually pleasing.
  • There are more than 2,061,804 samples to view for ideas.

Pricing: There is no cost for the basic but if you want to be able to download your infographics and gain access to additional themes, you will need a pro account, which runs $18/month.

6. InfoActive

InfoActive offers another drag and drop infographic designer option. One of the best parts of InfoActive is that you can make your infographics mobile device compatible so that they will still look great when readers view them via a smart phone.

  • You can integrate data from Google Sheets right into your infographic. That means you won't have to do a lot of analysis to come up with percentages or graphs that represent your company's data.
  • You can use one of their themes or create a custom theme.
  • Finished themes can be embedded onto blogs or shared on social media.
  • You can also share a password protected URL for those times when you want to sell a client on something and the infographic is for his eyes only.

Pricing: The site is free to use.

7. Venngage

Venngage homepage

Venngage offers features like drag and drop, but also allows you to include animated graphics in your infographics. You can even place call to action widgets in your graphic storyline.

  • You can choose from some basic free templates or purchase templates others have uploaded.
  • Venngage will also create a custom template for you, if you have a need for that.

Pricing: There are two different options for members. The free option has very limited templates, branded infographics, a monthly limit on the number you can create and only the ability to share online. The Premium membership runs $19/month and gives you access to additional templates, the ability to create an unlimited number of infographics and you can download the infographic as a PDF or PNG.

8. Canva

Canva website

Described as "the easiest to use design program in the world" by the Webbys, Canva makes easy work of creating infographics. When you first sign in, you'll want to check out the 27-second tutorial as it will show you exactly how to use this simple wizard to create infographics.

  • The site features more than one million images you can plug into your infographic.
  • You can also choose from dozens of layouts.
  • You can also customize dimensions, depending upon what you want to use your image for. For example, choose from options to create for social media, Facebook cover or a poster.
  • You can also set up custom dimensions from the home page.
  • You can share the images on social media, including Pinterest, or on a website.

Pricing: The site is free to use.

Why Use Infographics

Whether you just want a visualization of the data that makes up a portion of your company or if you want to use infographics as a promotional tool, creating one doesn't have to be a headache. Almost anyone can create a simple infographic with the tools listed in this article and a little bit of determination to master the art. You just might find that your readers and customers love the graphics and that you've picked up a new skill you can use to impress customers.

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