Easter Bunny Clip Art

Easter bunny clip art

A little Easter clip art can brighten up your holiday webpages, communications, and other projects, especially if that clip art features some cute bunnies. All the images on this page are easy to download. Simply click on each image to go open the larger bunny clip art page. Then, right click and save the image to your own desk top to use on a website or in other Easter materials.

Easter Bunnies Galore

Use these clip art Easter bunnies individually or in any combination you like.

easter bunnies
bunnies and basket
purple bunny
pink bunny

Where to Find More Easter Bunny Clip Art

The following websites offer high-quality, legitimate clip art. You'll find a nice selection of Easter bunnies in a variety of artistic styles.

  • Webweaver almost always makes the list of top clip art resources these days, and their offerings in this category are no exception. Webweaver offers fun, cartoon-style bunny images for any holiday webpage. It is also probably the largest collection on the Internet, with about six pages of great clip art.
  • Easter Graphics Plus is a sub-section of the Christmas Graphics plus website. You'll find about 20 great Easter bunny clip art files, as well as over 10 animated images that you can use for free.
  • Packrat Pro offers another small selection of Easter rabbit imagery, but the images are very beautiful. Some are clearly vintage quality and reminiscent of the Peter Rabbit-style drawings you'd find in classic children's literature. If you want clip art Easter bunnies with a classic look, this is the page for you.

How to Use Your Clip Art

For Professional Use

Like Christmas, Easter comes once a year, but the build up to the holiday begins many weeks ahead of time. If you sell Easter-related products or you have a website that features Easter content, it's a good idea to begin featuring that content as early as the last half of February. The following suggestions will give you ideas of how to use this clip art in your own webpage designs.

  • Feature an image of the Easter Bunny on the page header of a products page so visitors immediately know what the category of products is all about.
  • Use very small bunny icons in place of regular bullets for a page list.
  • You can use a faded rabbit image in a repeating pattern as a fun background for a page devoted to this holiday.

For Personal Use

Webpages aren't the only place you can use these clip art images. They work great for artistic projects as well.

  • Add clip art Easter bunnies to homemade greeting cards.
  • Feature an Easter bunny on invitations to a holiday gathering.
  • Print an image on card stock to make napkin rings or name cards for your holiday table settings.
  • Print an image on card stock and use it in an Easter scrapbook layout.
  • Use this clip art on church bulletins and other communications, even in emails.

An Easter Icon that Brings Smiles

The Easter Bunny is perhaps the most popular secular image associated with Easter. No matter where you choose to use this clip art, it's bound to put a smile on the face of anyone who sees it. Try adding an image or two to your own Easter-related materials and generate a little extra holiday cheer.

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Easter Bunny Clip Art